Nov 01, 2007 at 05:21pm IST

IBNlive Chat: Answers to your queries on dress code


Dr Blue: If someone wants to dress they way they want, it's their prerogative. Why is the wearer being penalised for someone else not having enough control on theimselves to not be distracted from their work by something?

Jhoomur Bose :While I agree to "not" being distracted. Perhaps one needs to look at where or what the distraction means? What say Dr Blue?

DESSING UP: Dress code won’t affect any person negatively but it is implemented for the safety of our people, says Bose.

Prakash Sharma: First I would say its purely a personal decision to decide what to wear and what not. But as time goes people are becoming more and more fashion conscious and here where one needs to be careful.

In my opinion students in education institute should observe dress code as they are going there to study and not for fashion parade. At least low cuts and miniskirts and very tight outfit should not be allowed. And as far as office goers are concern if their organisation insist on dress code there is no reason why should they grumble. If at all they don’t like better quit.

Jhoomur Bose :Which teacher have you seen in a mini skirt Prakash? And say, even if college girls were wearing low cuts and very tight outfits why should they not be allowed? Fashion and studies don't have to be opposite each other, right?

Shrestha Aneesh Gautam: Do sportsperson who represent a country need to be in uniform? The answer to this question is yes because it gives them a feeling that they are working for the country. In the same way thinking adults should also have a dress code. They represent a particular community of intellectuals.

Ordinary people can look to them as "role models". But at the same time dress code should not be very dull and boring idea. Each day the company in which they work should put dress code for next day. By taking this process the company will be able to get new ideas each day.

But at the same time there are some drawbacks of this process. Some of the employees may not agree with this idea, as they will have to spend more money on themselves. In that case the company should increase their salary or give them some incentives. So I firmly believe there should be a decent dress code.

Jhoomur Bose :What's an "indecent" dress code?

Kapil Bhardwaj: I think Dress Code at work place is appropriate because at work place, because I think that the dress is the first impression a person gets to know about the other person even without talking the other person. And at work place we are into Professional Environment and so we are expected to maintain some professional culture and i think if we are in our 3/4ths or capers at work.

It might not look professional and not even the person who is wearing it but his/her colleague would not sense a feeling of professionalism and it might affect the work in some ways. Also it looks pretty awkward to come in funky outfits at work. So we can expect at least a minimum dress code at work.

Jhoomur Bose :Do you like to wear boring outfits to work Kapil? Whatever happened to keeping the work place lively?

Raja: Actually we should not allow to wear tight jeans n tops in organisation. May be the person who wears this kind of modem dress will be comfortable but it should not give the way others to feel uncomfortable.

Jhoomur Bose :Mishraji would say "Hain?!" to that one. If the one wearing the tight jeans is comfortable, how does it make someone else uncomfortable?

Kiran: Why is dress code implemented on women only ? Why does no one feel the need to do so on men?

Jhoomur Bose :Yes, agreed. Men in tight jeans are a very bad idea. (smiles)

Aninda: Part of being an adult is knowing how to dress according to the situation you are in. So if there is a dress code that is imposed its like saying you are not mature enough to know what to wear when to wear - The question really is do you want people who are not mature enough to wear their clothes to be working for you?

Jhoomur Bose :Bingo Aninda now how we do we get that point across? However, is there anyone who feels really strongly for a dress code? And what kind of a code are we talking about?

Hardcore Bharatiya: Why is the management in schools and colleges so intent on controlling the dress code? Is it deliberately being done to cover up inadequacies in productivity (in the workplace) or lack of innovation (in schools and colleges)?

Jhoomur Bose :Perhaps because we have always had issues with agreeing that "people" can "think" for themselves? Hmm..what say? "Hardcore Bharatiya", neat name that one!

Akshar100: Clothes are an integral part of our culture and just like the culture they reflect our changing mentality and attitude. For 10, 000 years perhaps we have shifted from being nude to wearing clothes and from Dhoti to Jeans. Thousand years onwards things are going to change for sure. Nobody can put restrictions nor should try to give a direction to these changes let the people decide.

Jhoomur Bose :Do people decide what are the levels of dressing or dressing down?

Sumanta Deb: Hi Jhoomur, somehow one gets the feeling that we are debating a "nice to chat" topic, rather than a "must " one.


Jhoomur Bose :Hmm...why would you feel so Sumanta? Each "nice" to chat topic when not discussed soon evolves into a "must" one. I can understand decorum-maintenance, I don't understand blind rules. So let's say this is "nice" to debate...what's your nice point of view?

Partha: I work in software MNC and we have heavy dress restriction and even policies are placed to make every employee aware they must be in formals from Monday to Thursday.

It is very irritating for me because I am not at all comfortable in formals. In companies like Google or Microsoft people come in even in shorts and nobody bothers what he or she is wearing as long as you complete your job. According to me people who have crossed even university level do not required any dress code. Your take on this?

Jhoomur Bose :Agree with you Partha, given that Google and MS are leaders in their biz, perhaps shorts at work lead to productivity? (Smiles). However, perhaps one needs to look at clothes vis-a-vis your job. Empathise with not wanting to wear formals... like sarees for all school teachers. Look at it practically, said teacher runs to catch a bus everyday in a saree that's very tough. But of course, you're a role model in a saree and not in salwar kameez or jeans... Hmm....thoughts?

Aninda: In the distraction to work thing - its just lame. You should put a leash on yourself. What if you go into a client meeting and your opposite contact is wearing a low neckline open back. The works, and you screw the deal up - what are you going to say? I was distracted - there should be a dress code for the clients now?

Jhoomur Bose : Grin...let's try that one, yeah?

Kiran: Let’s accept it women wear skimpy dresses to show off their figure...and some sense to provoke men.

Jhoomur Bose :And men wear tight jeans because? Also, would wearing non-skimpy clothes ensure men won't look? And please, let's not make this man vs women. We are talking about letting adults use their common sense instead of treating them like errant kids.

Sumeet: Jhoomur what comes to a woman's mind when she is wearing a skimpy dress ... all those tank tops and short skirts and all. What’s the reason why girls are so much obsessed with display of anatomy?

Jhoomur Bose : She wears skimpy clothes because she can perhaps carry them off? Why does it always have to be about enticing another? It's their anatomy dude, don't look. But can you not?

Rahul: What is the need of dress code in the colleges.

Jhoomur Bose : Exactly, what we are wondering.

Kalyan: There is no need to maintain uniform in colleges for teachers. It may hurt some fashion trendies and free moving people who are real delegates of new world.

Jhoomur Bose : eh?

Amit Tewary: In my opinion it is useless to have a dress code anywhere. It all depends on the person. He/She should be allowed to wear whatever pleases him/her. It all boils down to the fact that how a person carries himself/herself.

Note I have not diplomatically used the phrases for separate sexes, but it is my intention that same opinion should be applied to everyone.

Jhoomur Bose :Hmm. would agree with you there.

Dhruv: In colleges, I don't think any dress code is required. But in offices there certainly should be a check on what their employees are wearing.

Jhoomur Bose : Could you explain that one Dhruv?

Prashant: I think there should not be any dress code for adults because company does not want to see you in uniformity but want a output specially in IT companies.

Jhoomur Bose :Companies want output...even non -IT ones!

Rakhi Mahapatra: I think there should be some selected days where you can wear some formal wears and some days in a week where you can go with casuals. Monday and Tuesday should be formal days and Friday and Saturday should be casuals day and Wednesday and Thursday be Indian day some thing like it which will also remove the monotony of work and moreover casuals does not mean showing skin. We are all grown up people and should understand the situation n work accordingly.


Jhoomur Bose :Rakhi dont you think employees can do that themselves rather than have it up on an office notice board?

Nagarajan: I do agree that adults don't need dress code, but we do need dress code if adults start wearing child's dress in educational institute or workplace. What do you think?

Jhoomur Bose : How do they fit in? But I agree to what you are saying. Self-moderation or uniform, eh?

Atul Sondhi: Jeans are not allowed in courts, so why not private institutions too have some kind of code even for thinking adults to ensure that their's remain 'unadulterated' thinking.

Jhoomur Bose :It's a court. Another's a Parliament. Surgeons have to wear green (scientific reasons, apparently off-shoots against red making vessels more clearly visible etc)... Sahara India has uniforms for its employees. Would depend on why a uniform is being issued.

Kumarhere: This is just for some publicity stunts, like our politicians.

Jhoomur Bose : Politicians don’t have uniforms.

Akshar: I feel that some old babu people at top somehow cant get on terms with the changing trends among the youth and other people. And only because 'they' (babus) can’t do it they don’t want others to do it as well. This is against the freedom our constitution has given us.

Jhoomur Bose :Angoor khatte hain?

Emraan: I think as civilised people we need to adhere to certain norms , keeping in view the discipline and rules. Why are we shying away by passing such irresponsible comments that we can wear anything what we like, it sounds really funny!

Jhoomur Bose : Agreed Emraan. It's not wearing anything... more in response to Crimson Feet, he raises a good point.

Aninda: Hmm..good idea. Politicians and police should have uniforms - without pockets.

Jhoomur Bose : And straight jackets?

Crimson Feet: I think the title of this topic is fuzzy. Uniforms and dress codes are two different things. Uniforms can build camaraderie and bon homie. Their purpose is to makes you belong to a group, which is a basic human need.

Dress codes, on the other hand, are more aboutt what not to wear rather than what to wear (if you notice the language of dress code policies in HR manuals). It is akin to moral policing too since the clothes (or lack of them) is primarily associated with sexual aberrations in work environment.

Jhoomur Bose : Apologies for fuzzy logic Crimson! Agree to uniform. Wearing an Army uniform gives you pride, for instance. But introducing dress codes in universities under the garb of 'dress codes' for reasons of 'distraction'...not too fuzzy I hope? What say? And sexual aberrations, rather than dealing with the aberrant, we look the other way and talk codes?

Jitesh gathani: Good afternoon. The dress code thing is nothing but a stunt by some sections of the society to gain free publicity.

Jhoomur Bose : Erm, i am not convinced by that one

Sumanta Deb: I used to work with Infosys (till recently), and they had a dress code in place. What was interesting to note that men, by and large, followed it, whereas most of the "violations" were by the fairer sex. MTV T-shirts and short T-shirts on formal wear days, and what not now I see why JB is the expert for this chat and not say, Bhupendra Choubey!

Jhoomur Bose : Personal comment sir? We could have Bhupendra to join in and see what he has to say about MTV t-shirts? What do you have to say... Sir?

Kiran: Every place has a code of not just dresses but even talking, sitting and all. You dont sit crossed legs in front of idol worship, you don’t laugh and talk loudly near operation theaters or next to a patient.

Similarly you don’t wear a two-piece swimsuit at a dinner gathering and also that you don’t wear a safari suit at swimming pool. So what’s the great hulla bulla about dress codes at work places and colleges?


Jhoomur Bose :Because every place has a sense to it and like you have pointed out, most have the sense to dress accordingly. So exactly what is the entire thing about announcing codes?

Rahul: I do not understand, what is the necessity to come to the college in dress. Why people are emphasising on the dress code, these days. I always support that you should wear the dress in which you feel comfortable. I am doing my MBA from Indian Business School, Bhubaneswar.

Jhoomur Bose : Good for you Rahul.

Sumeet: Coming to the point of carrying them off most women feel uncomfortable wearing small clothes (now that’s a truth !) but still they do because of some reason unknown and regarding not looking at anatomy. It is a vicious circle ... they show becoz men want to see ... men want to see becoz they show!

Jhoomur Bose : And round and round and round?

Kumar Sinha: Men wearing jeans which are loose, low waist and longer than their legs. Ladies wearing dresses that "show off" almost all parts of the body. As far as thinking category is concerned: "Mr. A B Vajpayee wore dhoti and kurta when he used to stay in India and when he used to go abroad he used to wear closed neck suit and that looked cool.

Jhoomur Bose : When in Rome, dress like a Roman or AB Vajpayee. Loose jeans can be very comfortable but depends on where they are worn. So you are saying no to loose, comfortable jeans or where they are worn?

Simply_me: Give me a break. Ddress code has never worked and will never work because it is in the psyche to do something that is against a rule. More over every one wants to feel good so what is wrong in wearing the stuff you like? I too had a tussle with my parents for piercing my eyebrows but they agreed to that later. The entire social stigma is of no use. It is a reality that people have to accept finally.

Jhoomur Bose :(raises brow) would not discuss piercings over eyes! Perhaps parents were thinking of gangrene, Simply_You?

Prakash Sharma: I differ with you here. Why to wear dresses at all. We live in a society where there are some social norms and at least minimum of it should be observed. Let me ask you Jhoomur have you ever used clothes as I mentioned above.

Jhoomur Bose :Used? For? Pocha?

Crimson Feet: Hilarious perspective by Sumanata Deb, although I fail to see the connect. However, I do feel that Jhoomur is possibly discussing this only because she might have strong views on the topic.

Jhoomur Bose : Atta boy!

Emraan: What I mean to say is that there is a dress for every occasion, come on we cannot go in an official meeting wearing too casual and funky clothes. It is right that authorities need not behave like coercers, thrusting their will upon students. But here the point is that aren't we also sensationalising this matter.

If there is some code of conduct, I believe as responsible citizens, student as well needs to respect it. Yes it should not be too much encroaching ones personal choices.

Jhoomur Bose :But that’s the whole point, it is encroaching on personal choices. I can perhaps understand announcing a certain level of decorum to be maintained but deciding what is decent and not is a tad too much.

Kasi Raj Kumar: After 50 years of independence still, adults are bound to certain norms! But things have changed. Uniforms are there to just maintain the dignity around the environment.. And today’s adults are mature enough to understand this.. Then why should we have uniform for adults?

Jhoomur Bose :And he asks again! (smiles)

CookieCravingSchizophrenicâ„¢: Here's something no one's said so far. What about the fact that certain people/groups of people take it upon themselves to impose their morals upon us. Why does anyone ever feel a need to impose restrictions on anyone else? More so for such a trivial thing?

Jhoomur Bose :Define "certain people".

Gurmeet Singh: I do believe that dress code is necessary. I work in Dubai and our company had to apply dress code as some ladies (not Indians) were wearning a kind of revealing dresses. Yes I am for it as far as it just tell you how to properly dress you. Sticking to a type of dress may be difficult to digest.

Jhoomur Bose :Heard the case about the Delhi police cops running to cover some 'foreigner' chicks when they were walking down Janpath in "revealing" clothes?

CookieCravingSchizophrenicâ„¢: Distracting things have different implications for everyone. I guess until there is a uniform sense of "acceptable" anything, people will keep resorting to imposed norms like the dress code we're talking about here.

Jhoomur Bose : In India, what can be a "uniform" acceptance?


Kiran: Do you think that Gandhiji wore a single piece of dhoti when meeting with people all of whom wore dhoti? I think that was inspirational for me but I can’t say the same when girls wear short, tight, skimpy dresses at work or education places. I mean that can be anything but inspirational. It is all about seeking other attention- please be honest accept it.

Jhoomur Bose :How do you know dear Kiran? You have personally spoken to all such girls? Also, Gandhiji's dhoti had a certain brand-value attached to it, swadeshi, khaadi... That's why it inspired. You are deciding to judge women because they wear something that does not suit your taste.

Vishnu: From school onwards I hate the dress code. I had no choice but go with the dress code. Those people are lucky who don have dress code at their worlplace. Do you feel it is necessary or you don’t have a choice at your workplace.

Jhoomur Bose :Private institutions can have their own rules. You either adhere, or you move on.

Crimson Feet: I like the mention of MTV style t-shirts again and again. I wonder is there a dress code at MTV? And if yes, then which side of the 'expose/dont expose' perspective does it endorse?

Jhoomur Bose :They work on the side of TRPs whatever gets those...I suspect.

Kumar Sinha: Why do news readers wear sarees, suits, salwar kameez, shirts and trousers, t-shirts and jeans or trousers. The basic reason is that they are presenting themselves so that viewers can see the news what telling and also they are able to think better.

Jhoomur Bose :Er???

Narayanan: Young guys can be seen around outside colleges to see the fashion show that girls would display wearing very less clothes, is that okay? Is beatuy only there in revealing?

Jhoomur Bose :Young guys can also be seen around colleges where women wear sarees. Just put women anywhere, you will see young guys (and old)

Emraan: I agree totally with the point that crimson feet has raised. Its a matter which needs to be debated, but we students also need not to think that liberty means that one can wear such things which are not according to decency.

Look at most of dressing today people reveal far too much. I would use the word exposing. Yes we should have freedom as per rights but we do have a lot of responsibility as well. After all students go to colleges to study , not for a casual holiday trip or ramp walk...

Jhoomur Bose : Agreed Emraan. Personal choice in deciding to maintain decorum.

RV: I visited a TV news channel a while ago and the newsreader was in a blazer and collared shirt alright but was with feet folded and shoes taken-off. The other side of camera is also truly interesting. I am glad to hear IBN has a dress code.

Jhoomur Bose : But he/she was reading the news right, ya?

Kapil: Don’t you think dress code at work is appropriate because it requires us to be professionals and we might lack some professionalism if we are dressed up in 3/4ths or capri?

Jhoomur Bose : A capri has never prevented any of my colleagues from thinking well. This dentist I know, really operates well in shorts and his Sri Lankan t- shirt. He says if put in a white coat, he'd pull out the wrong tooth!

Rahul: I personally feel that it depends on person to person. Being a girl if she likes to come to an institute wearing skirt or jeans then let her.

Jhoomur Bose :And person to person on who gets distracted and who doesn't.

Kasi Raj Kumar: If adults are not following the minimum decency in the their office or anywhere, then it is a good step by implementing this norm.

Jhoomur Bose : But shouldn’t the HR perhaps speak to the said adult and request for maintenance of minimum decency rather than declaring that everyone has to be forcefully "decent"?

Kiran: Even if I agree that I have not done enough research to know whether girls need attention but at the same time do you have data/ research to prove it to the contrary. Please accept it ma'am, if u say I am going by my personal belief, So are you!

Jhoomur Bose :Agreed Kiran and I am simply trying to understand that some have problems with women in jeans, others have problems with joggers in shorts.What next, swimmers in swimming costumes?

Jappy: Nice to chat with you. Don’t you think too much is made out of all this? I mean my school/college didn’t have a "dress code" per se but always asked us to dress decently and look neat and clean It has helped me in the corporate world.

I see so many from the not so strict colleges struggle to dress properly even to a client meet I think this should be encouraged. Teenagers will oppose anything (I did that myself when I was a teenager)

Jhoomur Bose : Dressing properly and dressing according to what is accepted as "right" are different things. Shoes and socks were mandatory when growing up in an army background now I wear floaters to work. However, as I said earlier, perhaps it should be cleared in company manuals if certain things are off-limits or if certain others are preferred. But uniforms to ensure "decency" etc don’t make sense.

Same old topic: Dress code is an old issue that resurfaces when ever there is some incident. It is not a big deal but people are so obsessed with what others wear. It is time to grow up and give everybody the space they need.

Jhoomur Bose : Done!

R V: Oh yes, reading the news loud and clear with shoes removed and feet folder under the table!

Jhoomur Bose :Behind the camera and comfortable. What a nice job.

Emraan: I differ strongly here Jhoomur. Yes, its right that will of and wishes of students need to be kept in consideration, but pause for a while and think about your statement. What type of set up you are advocating? Everyone becomes judge and does whatever he/she likes there is most probability of total chaos.

It’s a hard fact, known from past experiences and quite rational also that everyone cannot be a judge so far as matter concerning the public behaviours is concerned. And by saying so I hope you got my point that lot of other factors need to be kept in mind. I am sorry to say but here we are aping west in spite of the facts that what disastrous consequences it brought to the society there.

Jhoomur Bose : Aping west? Democracy doesn’t work?

Simply_me: The point I am trying to make is that just imposing a code of conduct for people to follow is not done.


Jhoomur Bose : So then we beat people up next? Take tips from RSS/VHP? Ok you might not have meant that, I am just asking.

Crimson Feet: Organisations are built on cultural values. Dressing is a part of it. If the organisation decides to impose a dress code, then one must follow it. If it’s not in your interest (which basically means that you do not endorse the culture of the organisation in its entirety) then you should update your CV.

I don’t think that the decision should be debated at all for working institutions. In case of colleges and educational institutions, therefore, it should be the complete prerogative of the college administration along with the student body to decide whether to have dress code (and not politicians or public servants). Both the office person and the college student have full right to wear what they feel like in their personal time. Why does democracy have to be so complicated.

Jhoomur Bose :I agree to organisation, colleges and institutions only if it is a technical place. I really don’t see why a call centre should have everyone in dungarees. Also, not just student bodies, let the entire college get together and decide.

Kiran: JB, and for all you know, I may have done a field research among target audience to find out why they do wear such dress they wear.

Jhoomur Bose :Yes Kiran, for all I know...!

Jappy: Sorry for getting personal but I remember you had an article on your blog @IBNLive and you had the same photo over there. In one of your posts regarding eve teasing someone said there was a huge debate because of your attire. In the end you changed the picture on your blog. Do you think it sometimes helps to be dressed "decently" to keep off unnecessary attention?

Jhoomur Bose :Nah Jappy. That was my editor's call to change the picture. The current picture on blog was the original picture, which I wanted changed to this white-shirt-full-grin picture. And someone got offended by seeing two centimetre of my arm. The editor decided to change it back to current blog picture because he thought that a psychedelic picture had more attitudes. Ahem. You can write to editor you know.

Ravi: Are you in office to work or walk the ramp> Men are far more decently dressed then women at work places.

Jhoomur Bose :: Why does dressing smartly even if it says it means some leg be equated with walking the ramp? As for men being more decently dressed than girls 1. Guys in tight tee shirts are looked at suspiciously by other guys. 2. Guys dont wear mini skirts 3. Guys dont have cleavage (usually) and, even salwar-kameez can be quite "hot" and "indecent" you know.

Amarnath De: Do you think that service IT Companies are doing justice by coming up with dress-codes for the employees?

Jhoomur Bose : If they pay well, hell, why not?

Kasi Raj Kumar: That’s true Madame the HR should have talked the concerned adult. It is quite a foolish thing to do. The offices and colleges should always be friendly, I mean very friendly.

Jhoomur Bose : Hello, hello to that.

Kumar Sinha: Basically it all depends what work you are doing and what work you are involved in. Example 1: Many a time we see in news channels reporters who go out for collecting a information on a particular issue wear dress in which they are comfortable since they are comfortable they are able to do the work properly. Almost all reporters do have a proper and a decent dress isn’t it?

Example 2: Business tycoons wear dress according to their routine. They are able to think differently at different moments and it looks good doesn’t it? Example 3: students should wear neat and comfortable dress in class but it does not mean one start to wear loose and low waist jeans which shows you r undergarments?

Jhoomur Bose : I agree to underwear over jeans looking shabby, but not necessarily whether that is "indecent".

Emraan: Not like that Jhoomur. I mean we should be rational in our approach. Don’t get offended. I believe you are aware more than me about the society there. Be realistic, see the happenings there, I am not saying something hypothetical, but its based on statistics from the various agencies there only.

You cannot turn a blind eye to the fractured social set up, broken families, loneliness that people at large face there. Even if you choose to, it’s your choice. We are not a banana republic. Everyone has right to his/her independent view. Please don’t try to make too much out of it.

It’s a genuine concern of a person living in this free world who is abreast of the happenings all around the globe, at least trying to be aware of as much as possible. I do support democratic way making people realise. There is no room for authoritarianism, be it in any form.

Jhoomur Bose : Explain that bit in short Emraan. I didn’t understand! And I am not offended at all.

Jappy: Now its clear. Those Damn Shivsainik's influenced your editor too Well back to the discussion, I wonder why people take non adherence to dress code the same as vulgar dressing! I mean someone could look very sexy in formal clothes or in a saree even when following the dress code.

I am all for employees looking neat and clean. My preferred dressing code would be "non sloppy" dressing you don’t want to be in a room with colleagues in shabby crumpled clothes (which sometimes stink too!)

Jhoomur Bose :Bang on Jappy. "Non adherences to dress code the same as vulgar dressing". People misunderstand completely different things and perhaps what. Neat and clean gets thumbs-up Any day.

Jappy: Underwear over worn is strictly a no no I mean some find it horrible some others find it irresistible. Eitherways it doesn’t help in increasing productivity>

Jhoomur Bose : Unless it was Shefali Zariwala and Kaanta Laga or Superman

Kumar Sinha: I totally agree with Mr S Aneesh Gautam. Companies and colleges can decide their dress codes for upcoming weeks and all should follow it. It is a good ideas isn’t it?

Jhoomur Bose : If said rules were in place before people joined in, particularly where colleges are concerned. Companies are privately owned, if you’re their employee, you do what they say.

Ravi: So you mean if I see a girl in office showing of her cleavage and really like it and stare at it its fine. Her prerogative is to wear and mine to watch. Why go to the pub then it all in the office?

Jhoomur Bose :Her prerogative is to wear. Knowing the likes of you (since you mentioned) will watch. Often, when cleavage is not shown, men are known to look, "imagining" what the cleavage would look like. Ah, so you go to a pub to see women, not drink etc?

Amarnath De: Yes, Jhoomur thst is true if service IT Companies pay well, its of no botheration. But employees in such companies rarely need to attend meetings or do such official interactions. Its only needed while attending a meeting or a presentation, etc. I feel that its of more importance to be comfortable in doing the work rather than dressing up to feel rather uncomfortable only with a feel of disgust.

Jhoomur Bose : Agreed. When I look at the tech boys here in office and wonder what they would say about sitting in a tie when they are cracking 18 hours at work...Hmm.

Emraan: Since you are in this field of journalism I think you are in better position to find what I mean to say. I am not saying anything hypothetical. Its better you yourself check out the social problems in the west, be it Europe or US. I think you will get your answers.

Jhoomur Bose :Emraan, can perhaps understand a bit of what you are trying to say. But to say that everything is the fault of the West, is somewhat far fetched.

Kapil: You are supposed to work at office and I don’t think work place is an ambience where we are dressed up to catch the attention of our colleagues. I think there are other places to do so. What say?

Jhoomur Bose :However, dresses don’t decide how you work.

Ravi: If your office is fashion magazine then flaunt your flesh but I guess else where lets do our work n go home decent and dignified.

Jhoomur Bose : Dignity of labour or dignity of glamour?


Kaushik: Why not? Everyone including the space needs to be uniform otherwise wont all those planets collide with each other everyday! What is so RSS/VHP in this?

Jhoomur Bose : Sab maya hai.

Emraan: Ok Jhoomur thanks for your replies and sorry for mispronouncing your name as Jhumroo. Take care.

Jhoomur Bose :Thanks Emraan, wish you many acres too.

Rachit: By the way when I become a CEO the dress code at my work place will be put in place. No second thoughts about it (absolutely compulsory to follow it!). Men will be required to have six packs and flaunt it. They have to wear shorts at work along with designer shoes. Women obviously need to aim at the bikini and start the journey towards it. The motto is to be comfortable at and deliver more.

Jhoomur Bose :Lord. There should be code on who becomes CEO. (smiles) PS: don’t forget to regulate the air conditioner, most offices freeze people to death and your dress code is apt for pneumonia.

Amarnath De:That's why we get to see that the most productive IT companies in the world like Google, Micosoft, SAP have no dress code for that case. It was so ridiculous to see the news that people entering the NIT campus in Surat were disallowed if they were on shorts while jogging.

Jhoomur Bose :Agreed. No dress code does not mean romping around in diapers. But it does mean allowing your employees to feel comfortable when working. To quote Crimson, "why does democracy have to be so difficult?"

Emraan: Of course not their fault, but it will be on our part if we ape them in every sphere, be it good or bad. I am not saying everything is bad there, if there are societal problems, at the same time there is much more sense of responsibility and honesty than here in India.

The idea was to make point that we should adopt and assimilate good things like honesty and sense of responsibility towards our nation first. And once sorry for mispronouncing your name Jhoomur.

Jhoomur Bose :Baba re chill out Emraan. Understood what you said and not labeling you. Do come back for other chats, perhaps with Bhupendra.

Crimson Feet: Bahadur has some more time so I thought I’ll share something. This is very specific to "dress code to curb exposure by women in work environment". I feel that the women and not her dress, if at all, cause the distraction. If there are female colleagues that you find hot/attractive, then you will be distracted in spite of what she wears. If there is someone you find quiet repulsive, then her revealing dress will only enhance the repulsion! So it help the policy makers debar good looking women from offices too?

Jhoomur Bose :At least some think right!

Jappy: Just couldn’t hold back but to reply to this. I am very comfortable in my ahem (you know what suit) but I cant go meet my client dressed like that unless he is in the porn industry or lives in Scandinavia.

Jhoomur Bose :You’d disgust people. They run screaming. Imagine all such accidentally-caught-you-in-the-buff scenes in movies. How many times have you seen people react pleasantly to someone in the…?

Kumar Sinha: Even V Anand loves to wear decent (socially or conventionally correct) dresses when he is playing chess. Regarding Microsoft, etc their personnels can wear what they want because they want output on computer field. But on the contrary if the same company if comes for recruitment they send the employees who are well dresses (ie they wear either shirt-pant, suits so called formals). It depends on what work you do at a particular time, isn’t it?

Jhoomur Bose :You dress appropriately. Yes. That should be it.

Kaushik: Defining this JB for you! This here refers to "Do 'thinking' adults really need a uniform/dress code in offices and colleges?"

Jhoomur Bose :If the thinking adults stop being adults or stop the thinking, yes to a list of what you can wear and what you cannot. Not a diktat.

Crimson Feet: I think Mr Kaushik wants to know whether u agree to having a dress code or not? Your personal viewpoint.

Jhoomur Bose :If I personally wanted a dress code or a uniform would have joined the Army.

Akshar100: It is very important that we wear what we are comfortable with. The size and length does not matter. If some one wears very out of the way or only if wearing such clothes make the workplace difficult to work for him or for others only then some regulations should be brought in place.

Jhoomur Bose :Akshar, you are hereby appointed Chief Sensible Officer in the Ministry of Chaos to tell them about the point you just raised. MORE sensible Indians and we'd be way up there.

Rachit: It is a democracy right? Why cant we, the aam janta decide what does a politician wears?

Jhoomur Bose :Democracy does not mean you get to impose rules on the politicians!

Kumar Sinha: Agreed. What do you have to say if Malaika Arora Khan shows her cleavage in some function? How will you react to it?

Jhoomur Bose : She is professionally trained to present her cleavage at exactly the right angles for everyone to look. She was even voted best cleavage, me thinks. It's like saying, oh look there's a monkey doing somersaults, wouldn't you look? If it's a trained monkey, yes.

Biren: Hi to all and also to Ms Bose. I guess the uniform represents identity or probably uniformity. My question is: Do you not feel being comfortable and feeling stress free would be more productive than to worry about corporate identity and uniformity?

Jhoomur Bose :Hey there Biren, that's what we are talking about, whether our being comfortable translates into another being uncomfortable. As for corporates, sometimes, their identity ensures productivity... brand value etc. They might need to look the part.

Tejeesh: Hi Jhoomur! Just one thing. Don't we all say it's a free world and one has the right to live the way he/she wants to. If that is indeed the case, the debate is redundant, I think. As for people who issue dress codes and what not, well, to them I say there are other things to chase!! By the way, Jhoomur, are you LSR alumni of 1998 or 1999 batch?

Jhoomur Bose : Our Constitution says the same thing took Tejeesh; however it does mention that our way should not be hindering someone else's way etc. And yes to biodata related question.

Ramesh: I feel, when the government comes with helmet rule making it mandatory, it is for the safety of its citizen.

Jhoomur Bose :They insisted on helmets in IT offices? Hain?

Rachit: Right. Can’t impose anything on politicians anyways. But it will be fun to make a dhoti-clad neta wear a necktie and a suit and vice versa. If a neta is corrupt we decide what he wears (or not wears). Think about it. Lez all sign a petition for such an order to be passed.

Jhoomur Bose :Wicked! Start a group/community like that and send us links. Let's see what the people want to dress them in. People? Anyone got anything more to add/say?

Kumar Sinha: But at the same time we see her properly dressed when she goes to a temple. My point is not "seeing or showing cleavage or any other part". Dressing up is an integral part of Indian culture. It depends on what the function or situation is?

Jhoomur Bose : Aha..same question in two parts, trying to catch me out and all. Good one Mr Sinha. Yes, if Malaika Arora Khan also knows what to wear and where, we should too. Na?


Jappy: If Maliaka Arora Khan shows her cleavage in some function I will watch it gladly and try to click it in my phone cam. How is that question related to dress code in office and colleges?

However I saw an eight-year-old with her mom wearing a very short skirt and dressed like a sl*t in a mall which was disturbing and disgusting her mom was dressed no better though. I felt like doing a shiv sena to that lady and ask her to cover herself and her daughter up.

Jhoomur Bose : Dhatt. There you go Jappy...How is your wanting to be Shiv Sena any different from these rules being imposed? Yes, I do see your point in wanting to run and cover up a kid that young, who is obviously dressing according to what her mother is making her wear. But even in saying that, how are you and me deciding what is right for that child. And what you call dressing up as a s**t could be aesthetic for the mother. You cannot do a Shiv Sena.

Akshar100: When it comes to India we are more sensitive about our clothes. We often wear clothes to reflect our social status and superiority to others. Take example of different 'Pagadi' in Rajsthatn. Same attitude has gone deep into our genes and we especially the 'new rich' people tend to show off by wearing something non conventional. I think sometimes we fail to draw a line. There can be rules regarding what should not be worn but while doing so clear reasons should be cited.

Jhoomur Bose : Completely agree to that. "There can be rules regarding what should not be worn but while doing so clear reasons should be cited."

Kaushik: JB, but thats what a thinking adult is taught right from his early school days, to maintain certain dress code. I think schools should first start doing away with uniforms, so that children later growing to thinking adults dont get habituated.... isn't it?

Jhoomur Bose :Hmm, y'know, have thought for much on whether we need uniforms in schools. Yes, I would say. At the school level -- and am talking impressiobable kids here -- comparisons, what-you're-wearing, my-daddy-strongest, all comes into play. I'd rather have all the kids dress the same -- even carry the same kind of tiffin boxes if that prevents fights -- than have them showing off. However, once we become adults, we are supposed to better understand all this. Supposed to.

Surbhi: I think the problem lies with our basic Indian mentality and the need to be orthodox. Unless we open up as a society - these debates will continue is it "right" for our Indian culture.

Does this kind of dressing belong here? We need to understand that we need to progress as a nation - economically and culturally extend the boundaries to work with present day needs. What do you say?

Jhoomur Bose :Hmm... quite true Surbhi. Wonder though, how many saw Mahabharata that was telecast on Doordarshan? Do you guys remember Draupadi and gang wearing belly—button, showing bustiers with chiffon dupattas? Would that be decent according to "Indian culture"?

Ramesh: I felt, we should consider this option for dress code, similar to helmet rule. That is we should consider this whether it will helpful at least in some way to common man and I do not there following a dress code would affect any person negatively. Thus it is for the safety of our people these kinds of rules are followed.

Jhoomur Bose :Helmets prevent your head from behaving like a ripe watermelon in case of an accident. Now what does a dress code prevent?

Biren: Ms Bose, thanks for your answer. I completely agree with you and there may be different ways to look at one issue and I totally see valid point. Ma’am, I am in Canada and used to be involved in OB, OC and OD related projects in a big MNC.

Lately, there had been great shift on eliminating stress factor to enhance productivity. I am sure a person competent to work for MNCs would be aware on not to create comfort for the self-causing discomfort for the rest. Do you not think stressing too much on uniformity is a reflection of a mindset of communist China of 70s.

Jhoomur Bose : I dont know much to comment on communist China of 70s. However, look around, read the headlines. Madness seems to be happening everywhere. From 2004 to 2007, personally, have seen the Internet reader change. First, spelling mistakes by readers are far lesser and two, everyone is angrier.

I think all this banning this and that and wanting to conform to some rules etc stems from a general sense of going-to-the-dogs that's all around us. Since there isn't a whole lot we can control, we try and enforce it elsewhere. It's usual isn't it, with so much unregulated -- good to do and must to do things --- we are more bothered about joggers in shorts. (and fail to look at how people are jogging to remain in shape.

Akshar100: I am a s/w engineer and my work involves brainy stuff, if I am asked to wear formal and tie every day which is something I hate to wear I am sure my productivity will come down.

My company perhaps understands that and has asked us to wear whatever we are comfortable in and has left up to us to draw the line. When some people fail they are given a gentle reminder that may be they should reconsider their attire that’s it. And that works great.

Jhoomur Bose :Please go and congratulate your HR and thank them for not imposing rigid rules

Jappy: Hey Rachit, Careful with those rules. I read a couple of days back an MLA was arrested in a train for indecent exposure to an Army officer who was a lady. We already have a cross dressing cop. Its bad enough to see them dressed as they are.

Jhoomur Bose :Ha ha. Did MLA try to show his wallet? With loads of money?

JD: Well, I guess its a conflict between holding on to our roots and letting go! We live in a country where multiple India(s) exist. While its fine for some institutions to have its member dress they way they like it, others cannot tolerate its member being bold. Why do I feel India of the 70s was much more relaxed?

Jhoomur Bose : Because that was the flower-power generation? Generally relaxed type? Also, wasnt that the advent of the Angry Young Man, how was that generation relaxed? Towards the later part of the 70s, you also had the Emergency happening....relaxed?


Akshar101: If at all some organization wants to make such rules, it should not be left with the top Babus (is babu a hindi word for english idiot?) but all the affected people must be requested to give their feedback.

The code should be put before all employees and students and if any one has any object we must pay individual attention to it because clothes are very individual and private stuff. Only in exceptional cases it can be forced.

Jhoomur Bose :"Is babu a hindi word for english idiot?" Not really, perhaps for incompetence? (A very good line, do you blog?)

Naqvi: A dress code prevents you from erring eyes.

Jhoomur Bose :Its the eyes that are erring...not the dress!

Aninda: Wow, you are all still going at it? Have we reached a decision on what we're all going to wear tomorrow?

Jhoomur Bose :Second wind about to sign off though.

Jappy: I guess " Draupadi and gang wearing belly--button showing bustiers with chiffon dupattas" was the dress code back then and these people were merely complying with it (Gosh! how I wish I was born back then!)

Jhoomur Bose : Grin, and legal polygamy...

Surbhi: Well going by your argument, we could even proclaim the stone age as the right attire..;) hahhaha.. thats taking the debate too far. It actually strengthens the argument that what worked in a previous century may not work for us.

As for being civilly dressed whatever happy to them applying it to dance bars/cinema. Is that allowed just because that is cinema? Such double standards, I tell you.

Jhoomur Bose :Arre baba cinema etc you don’t have to watch if you don’t like it. Dance bars has more to do with (sometimes) forced labour than what they wear. Agree to what worked earlier mighjt not work with us/ PS: As for stone age, they chased dinosaurs and killed them; what they wore was rather free-moving, no? (heh)

Akshar101: Yes, Jhoomur I do blog and my site is don’t get scared with the first entry start with the second :) And do comment as well.

Jhoomur Bose :aha...dekha...I have an eye.

Professor Kusal K Das: I think dress code should be implemented for both men and women. I consider dress code is good for all the workers. I am a Professor of a Medical College and we wear white apron compulsory. This may be also considered as a dress code. But our patients get confidence when they see us in this uniform. Do you think it is bad?

Jhoomur Bose : Good evening Prof Das! How nice to see you here... we have all agreed that certain professions instill more confidence when in uniform.

Jappy: Gee JBo I almost forgot polygamy for both sexes in that era. I have another view on all this dress code stuff it’s perhaps because the earlier generation didn’t have it this easy (though they were happier). They are now in the decision-making positions and just want to display power. So many of these rules imposed in colleges etc are because of this. The reason IT/BPO companies are doin this just to make it difficult for their employees to make out during night shifts.

Jhoomur Bose : Oink? A saree is any day more convenient than salwars. And that's all we shall about that Jappy. This is a family site.

Sree: Hi Ms Bose, I think dress code should be made strict when one is at home too. For instance when your boss or a colleague call you, its a bad idea to get the phone semi nude or.....So dress fully at home, or miss the call until you are properly dressed...head to toe that is.

Jhoomur Bose :Yes Ms Sree, very true. Where are you typing from?

Kumar Sinha: Yes, if you see the corporate part of dressing up then it is good. Why should we see it in wrong way we are born to do work and see the works of other persons? We should enjoy doing & completing the work faster not bother and get bothered by what others and ourselves are wearing.

We should not forget that we are living in culturally rich country. We should wear on what’s the occasion is? In discos one can wear whatever they want but in colleges and temples its better to wear formals or traditional ones (without any showoff). Isn’t that cool and simple? It was lovely chatting with you. This is the first time chatting with a TV personnel.

Jhoomur Bose : Kumar, so sorry...this is internet personnel and not TV. Small fry, please to be try next time. Gotta run in a bit folks...

Anish: JB, what is up? Whats your take on the topic of dress code at work place, Educational intuitions etc etc?

Jhoomur Bose : Read through earlier responses Anish!

Ramesh: When you agree for corporate having dress code, what does it prevent?

Jhoomur Bose : It prevents your client forgetting who you are. Dear readers. Thank you so much for a good session, fun responses and some interesting thoughts from you guys. Look forward to chatting with you again in the proper attire and all that -- please do read the blog I write, "What Goes My Father?" and drop in a word for Mishraji. That's all for this evening, catch you all again. Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the dengue mosquito bite!


JD: Relaxed? Definitely so because rumblings of Indira Gandhi to be an autocratic ruler in no way means the society at large was chaotic too. We never had the Shiv Sena those days or the Bajrang Dal in all their naked glory as they are at present. And the angry young men that merely existed merely in Bollywood!

And the ones that did were buys and girls from privileged families who took to the streets to fight for the communists, to liberate India from the clutches of capitalism.

Regular young men studied to be graduates, got into government jobs, married and had several kids depending on the geographical region of the country. And very few people knew about the whole flower power thing!

Jhoomur Bose : I have left.!

Surbhi: You have a great sense of humor.. kudos! I thought all editors were boring and the serious type What I meant was if you want to do moral policing start with the absurd cinema shown rather than some normal human being walking on the street wearing a tee and shorts hope u get it. Impact ratio is higher in cinema than street.

Jhoomur Bose :Jai Hind Surbhi...later out of here.

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