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Dec 24, 2007 at 09:23pm IST

IBNLive Special: Winners of the Gujarat blog contest

Chief Minister for a third term Narendra Modi is not only the man of the moment in Gujarat politics, he is also shining on the blogosphere.

When IBNLive.com invited people's reactions on the outcome of the Gujarat polls on Sunday, the response was more than overwhelming.

Over 1,000 people wrote in their views on Modi and the nature of the polity in Gujarat. The Modi-bashers, the Modi-worshippers and the fence sitters, citizens of India and NRIs, Gujaratis and non-Gujaratis – they all made their presence felt.

Here are some of the best responses we received on Modi's mega victory.

Following are the winners of Gujarat blog contest:

Best Blog

Modi is Gujarat's Putin

By Ritesh Malhotra, Singapore

Excerpts from the blog: I think Narendrabhai Modi is the Putin of Indian Politics. Against all odds – the Congress party, the Central Government, the Tehelka expose, the rebels etc – he has come out a clear winner and I guess it is time for him to take over a larger role in Indian politics. Putin is the Time person of the year and I suggest the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year should be Narendra Modi. Read blog

Other winners

Sad day for India

By Radhika, Bangalore

Excerpts from the blog: It is really heartbreaking and appalling to see how the people of Gujarat support perpetrators of crime and communalism. It's indeed a sad day for any forward looking Indian citizen who believes in harmony, peace and mutual co-existence of people. It's a sad day for India and we are nowhere close to achieving Abdul Kalam's vision. Read blog

King of Gujarat

By Prayag Sayani, Logan, Utah

Excerpts from the blog: Narendra Modi has proved all the exit polls wrong. He is a man of the character and has a great vision for Gujarat. As a Gujarati outside the country, I have always witnessed great development in the state whenever I visit India. I am quite sure Gujarat will achieve great milestones under Modi's leadership. Read blog

A sad day

By Rama Krishna Vennekaganti, Chirala, Andhra Pradesh

Excerpts from the blog: Religious fundamentalism and dictatorial fanaticism have won, and sadly peaceful co-existence has been defeated. The disastrous outcome of this result will not be felt just by Gujarat but the whole of India. Aggressive and cold-blooded terror in the name of Hindutva will now be followed. Read blog

Kudos to Modi

By Shreyas Suresh, Chicago

Excerpts from the blog: Recent Indian political history has seen a decline of strong and honest leaders. Mr Modi is one of the last remaining few. People might call him an authoritarian, but the need of the moment is just that. He has not only turned Gujarat into a model state with terrific development but also given the people a corruption free government. Read blog

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