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Mar 25, 2008 at 03:21pm IST

ICC may boot out sharp-tongued Gavaskar

New Delhi: Sunil Gavaskar may be on his way out of the International Cricket Council. According to reports in a London newspaper, ICC will be forcing Gavaskar to step down as the chairman of it's cricket committee.

Voting, that is said to have been unanimous, was carried at last week's executive committee meeting in Dubai. It was decided that India's former captain should be asked to resign because of a conflict of interest between his honorary ICC position and his paid role as a columnist and commentator. What has gone against Gavaskar were the comments he made during and after the Sydney Test between India & Australia.

And Gavaskar has made some scathing comments in an Indian newspaper on Tuesday too, taking a potshot at certain officials. Gavaskar said that Australia and England were afraid of India's rising power in the cricketing world.

He had said: "As soon as Bindra's name was announced there was a flurry of articles in England & Australia that giving him the job will put too much power in India's hands, as Pawar was going to be President of the ICC in 2010. Only a few years back, there were two Australians at the top of the ICC. But there were no fears about Australia ruling the game then."

Support from Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly speaking exclusively to CNN-IBN gave his support to Sunil Gavaskar.

"He was such a big player and is such a big personality. It will be great if he stays connected with cricket. if he leaves ICC, it would be ICC's loss. For Indian cricket, Gavaskar is a big thing," the former Indian skipper said.