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Aug 20, 2006 at 05:36pm IST

ICC trophy tours India, delights fans

New Delhi: It's the pre-cursor to the big one in 2007. The ICC Champions trophy is coming to India and a month away from start, the excitement is starting to build.

So to get the fans involved, the ICC Champions Trophy is doing the rounds all over India. And it was in Delhi over the weekend.

Shazia, the organiser of this unique tour, says: "Indians are big cricket fans, and to tap that spirit, we wanted to promote this thing. This the reason we brought this opportunity to the public, to come and see the trophy, and come and get themselves clicked with the original, the winner's trophy."

And of course, the crowds savoured it, clicking pictures and capturing the moment.

"It's great excitement, to be a part of the ICC trophy, you come and play over here. It's a great feeling," says a visitor.

They there were also those who didn't quite get what the fuss was about.

"Is this the real trophy?," asks a bemused visitor. "I didn't know," he goes on to say.

What many of us can do is probably look at it and take pictures of it. But a few many weeks from now, ten of the top cricketing nations will fight it out, to hold cricket's this coveted prize.