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Feb 06, 2009 at 09:40am IST

Identity Theft: Cyber criminals hack Facebook

Atlanta: Facebook has become a popular way to reach out and touch someone in cyberworld. When Bryan Rutberg signed up, expected to find old friends on Facebook. What he didn't expect was for a cyber-criminal to find him.

"I've reconnected with old friends from high school days, college days, graduate school days, people I used to work with, but if this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone," says he.

What happened to Rutberg started about two weeks ago, when his family noticed something frightening.

"My daughter was alarmed that my Facebook status had changed and I hadn't changed it," he recalls.

A new message, on Rutberg's page read, 'Bryan is in urgent need of help!!!"

Of course he wasn't, he was safe at home in Seattle.

"Somehow cyber-criminals had taken over the access to the page, I had been locked out and someone had changed the email address associated with the account. Somebody meant to do this," says he.

With the help of Facebook it took about a day for Rutberg to regain access to his account.

Facebook says though this scam affects a small number of users they're instituting changes that will better notify users when their account is modified.