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Apr 29, 2013 at 08:03pm IST

If we come to power in Delhi, we'll provide electricity at half the rate: Kejriwal

Aam Aadmi Party convenor Arvind Kejriwal has said that if his party comes to power in Delhi in 2013 elections, he will provide electricity at half the rate.

He was speaking to Rupashree Nanda of CNN-IBN.

Below is the full text of the interview.

CNN-IBN: Sir you have always demanded the resignation of the Delhi Police Commissioner Mr Neeraj Kumar. While accountability definitely needs to be fixed, do you think if his head rolls, things would improve on the ground?

Arvind Kejriwal: His head should roll, his head must roll. There has to be an accountability. You can't send a message that everything is acceptable. Secondly after his head rolls and government of India is serious they would put a good police commissioner rather than a complete political agent. Neeraj Kumar in Subash Tomar's case, he lied to the entire nation. You can take out from your archives that he lied to entire nation that there are six people responsible and now the court send this six people. So is he accountable or is he not accountable. In this particular case the police tried to bribe the father of the girl, is Neeraj Kumar accountable or is he not accountable? In this particular case, one of his Assistant Commissioners of Police, he slapped one girl protester, is Neeraj Kumar accountable or not accountable? In this particular case, the police refused to register an FIR for that women, and everyday the number of rapes in Delhi are increasing rather than decreasing, is Neeraj Kumar accountable or not accountable? He is not just incapable, he is I think is a burden on the city. I think his head needs to roll. Not just his head, I think, Shinde should also go.

CNN-IBN: Sir, my last question is Sandeep Dikshit from the Congress party and Girija Vyas has also demanded....

Arvind Kejriwal: Sandeep Dikshit ki hi toh sarkaar hai (it's Sandeep Dikshit's government). Congress is here also and Congress is there also. Actually Congress is a very smart party. They want to occupy the space of the ruling party also and the space of Opposition party also. So they are the perpetrators and they are the victims. One their Minister Shinde would do all the wrong things and Sandeep Dikshit and Sheila Dikshit will stand up and say that Delhi police commissioner should be sacked. They want to occupy all the spaces. Arey tumhari toh sarkaar hai bevkoof bana rahe ho (it's your government, you are trying to fool us). You think entire country is fool and they understand.. it's basically match fixing between them.

CNN-IBN: Sir, while your role in this particular case has been appreciated, but some people say that it has also been politicised and protesting in front of hospitals has come in for some criticism, how would you respond to that?

Arvind Kejriwal: Of course, we did protest. They say that we created ruckus in front of hospitals. Yes we did, but we didn not do it inside hospital.. which is completely wrong. Show us the footage, we did not do anything inside. We did not hinder any ambulance's movement. We did not cause inconvenience to any patient. But we did "hungama" outside the hospitals. Agar hungama nahi karte, fir case darz nahi hota (If we wouldn't hav created ruckus, a case wouldn't have been lodged). Agar hum hungama nahi karte, usko Dayanand hospital se nahi le jate (The rape survivor wouldn't have been shifted to hospital). Agar dubara rape hota hai delhi main toh hum firse hungama karenge because hungama kiya bina ye sarkaar sunti nahi (If rapes continue to happen in Delhi, we will again protest). This government is deaf.

CNN-IBN: Sir but creating a 'hungama' in front of the hospitals, there were many patients there, it was fair to them sir?

Arvind Kejriwal: We did not cause any inconvenience to the patients, show us a single footage where we are causing problems to the patients. Patients were also supportive, the doctors were also supportive. I don't know who is raising this question. It is the political parties who is very nervous. Because Aam Aadmi Party is changing the politics of this country. Bharatiya Janata Party, we do something today and they follow it next day. Aaj hum Sonia Gandhi ke ghar ja kar gherao karte hain, kal BJP jaa kar gherao karegi. Unko samajh hi nahi aa raha kar kya rahe hain. (If today we protest in front of Sonia Gandhi's house, BJP would do that tomorrow, they don't understand what they are doing).

CNN-IBN: Finally do you think you have capautured the Opposition's space in Delhi?

Arvind Kejriwal: We have captured the entire political space, now when I fast, ruling party doesn't know how to react. BJP doesn't know how to react, they cant even criticise us because fast is a very pure thing. The media came on the picture the day when she was admitted to hospital but media doesn't know that his father called our office the previous night and he said, 'Her uncle called the office on previous night' and said the police is not responding, the hospital is not responding. Our volunteers that night went to the police station and to the hospital, that is how police registered FIR, the FIR wouldn't have registered if Aam Aadmi Party wouldn't have come in. Next day Manish, Gopal Roy and hundreds of volunteers went to hospital and that is how the entire media reached there and now the media is saying that we created "hungama". if we had not created "hungama", media would not have been there, people would not have been there and she would not have been shifted to AIIMS hospital, she would have died.

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