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Jul 12, 2008 at 12:39pm IST

IG Meerut on how and why Arushi was killed

Noida (Uttar Pradesh): The controversial Noida double murder case probe ended in a sensational revelation on Friday when police arrested Dr Rajesh Talwar for the murder of his 14-year-old daughter Arushi Talwar and their domestic help servant Hemraj.

IG Meerut Zone, Gurudarshan Singh explained at a press conference in Delhi on how and why the murders were committed.

Arushi and Hemraj were murdered on 16 May, around 1 o clock in the night. Police reached Dr Talwar's house when they got information of the murder.

HOW AND WHY: IG Meerut Zone, Gurudarshan Singh reveals the motive behind the murders.

When police first spoke to Talwar, he named his domestic help, Hemraj, as the suspect in his complaint. Rajesh Talwar used "sentiments" to tell the police to leave his house and go look for Hemraj who was missing — but whose dead body was found a day later on the Talwars terrace.

"Rajesh Talwar and his associates placed the mattress on to the terrace after the body was sent for postmortem. The mattress was placed using the neighbours terrace door," Singh stated.

"The cooler's cover was removed and kept on Hemraj's dead body so that nobody could see it," he said.

He says that Hemraj was killed first and his dead body was getting decomposed on the terrace and that is why other servants were not being allowed on to the terrace. A day after, on May 17, Hemraj's body was found on the terrace. No force used to take Hemraj to the terrace

Gurudarshan Singh said that Talwar was awake till 1 am on the night of the murder and the time of the murder is also approximately 1 am.

"Force is needed to open terrace's door, it makes sound, but Dr Rajesh was ignorant of any such noises," said Singh.

"Also Hemraj's room had two doors, and no murderer who comes from outside will lock the main door," Singh stated.

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Gurudarshan Singh said that the real motive was to murder Arushi. Hemraj was murdered before she was so that there were no witnesses.

Talwar has been the prime accused in the case for some time now. "The evidence that we have point to the fact that Rajesh Talwar's extra-marital affair was the main reason for the murder," Singh said.

He said that Arushi knew that he was having an extra-marital affair, as did the servants in the house. Rajesh Talwar was unhappy with this — and especially unhappy with the fact that Hemraj had talked about this affair with some of acquaintances.

"Arushi and Hemraj used to discuss the extra-marital affair, and as a result both of them came close to each other. This was something that Talwar did not appreciate," Singh added.

"This is why both the murders were committed. The same technique was used to kill both. Even the nature of the antemortem injuries are the same in both the dead bodies," said Singh.


Singh said that on the night of the murder, May 15, Talwar went out and came back home around 11.30 pm. When he came back, he found Arushi and Hemraj in an objectionable position — not a compromising position, but an objectionable position.

Talwar, according to Singh, then took Hemraj to the terrace on the pretext of to tell him something and that is when he murdered Hemraj. Talwar struck Hemraj with a heavy object and then cut his nerves using a sharp instrument.

After that he came down and murdered his daughter. There was a difference of half and hour between the two murders. His wife, Nupur Talwar, was also at home at the time of both the murders and she too is being interrogated. She has yet to be given a clean chit.

"We have sufficient evidence to prove that Talwar committed both the murders. We have detained Nupur Talwar and are interrogating her as well," said Singh.

Singh also said that Arushi's room is just four to five feet from her parents room and so it was unbelieveable that they did not hear her being murdered.

The police say at 6 am the next day, Friday, Talwar called his neighbours saying that he had found his daughter dead in her room. However, he did not call the police immediately.

Singh said that the next step would be to secure remand for Dr Rajesh Talwar so they could question him further and recover the weapons — a hammer (used to strike Hemraj), and the instrument used to murder both.

Dr Talwar has been produced in court. He is being taken to Dasna Jail beyond Greater Noida and will remain in judicial custody for 14 days.

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