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Oct 06, 2009 at 01:56pm IST

IIM students on hunt for better jobs in China

New Delhi: India and China may not be on the best of diplomatic terms but the job opportunities in the country are definitely luring Indian management students.

Students at Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad are learning Chinese to make most of the abundant job opportunities in China.

About 60 students of the flagship post graduate programme in Ahmedabad have enrolled for ‘Business Chinese’, an elective course which teaches them the basics of Chinese language as well as Chinese business and finance.

“The focus is on expressions and how to speak the language also there are cultural differences between China and India and specifically the mannerisms,” says an IIM-A student, Adesh Rawal.

The students are making effort to learn the language because they see business relations improving between the two countries.

“The business relations between the two countries are improving. Both have done well during the economic recession, also it is the inquisitiveness fact I wanted to learn the language,” says another IIM-A, Murlidhar Dasar.

The institute has especially invited Professor Zhang Li Yan from the Tianjin University of Finance and Economics to conduct the course.

She will hold over 25 sessions with the students in which she will also update them on the political, social and business climate there.

“Chinese don’t understand English well so if they pick up our language they will be able to communicate better and adjust to the situation there,” says the professor.

With most major MNCs now setting up their base in China, the management students know it would be more prudent to look east for future jobs.