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Jun 11, 2012 at 07:18pm IST

IITs vs Govt: Students suffering the most

New Delhi: Even as confusion reigns over the HRD Ministry's proposed common entrance test for all IITs, with some institutions backing it and others opposing it, it is the aspiring engineering students who are suffering the most.

Kshitij is one of the lakhs of students every year who dream of joining the prestigious IITs. But with the deadlock persisting between the HRD minister's proposal and the senates of different IITs, confusion reigns about what admission format will be followed next year.

Barring minor changes, IIT Guwahati and IIT Madras are backing Kapil Sibal's proposal. IIT Kanpur has rejected the changes and is considering conducting a separate independent entrance exam in 2013. IIT Delhi and IIT Kharagpur have voiced their dissent as well but are waiting for the next round of Senate meetings to decide if they should go along with IIT Kanpur.

Major sticking points continue to be the inclusion of Board marks and introduction of the new format from 2013.

However, sources in the HRD Ministry indicate that since the IITs are governed by an Act of Parliament, "the function of the IIT Senates does not include 'Admission Standards'. This an exclusive right of the IIT Council with HRD Minister as its head."

Even as the IIT directors say they support the new format, the IIT faculty and alumni seem to be speaking a different language. They are now seeking an appointment with the Prime Minister following which they plan to call for a special Senate meeting to decide their next course of action.