Jun 16, 2007 at 08:26am IST

I'll work for the future of UP: Rahul

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi yet again invoked his family name in certain achievements that included "division" of Pakistan during his rally in Uttar Pradesh.

"You know, when our Gandhi family commits to a task it also completes it. In the past too, members of the Gandhi family have achieved the goals they have initiated like the freedom of the country, dividing Pakistan into two and leading the nation to the 21st century," PTI quoted Rahul as saying in a public meeting as part of his road show in the election campaign.

"My family always looks forward and works for a vision for the future. I am here to work for the future of Uttar Pradesh," Rahul said.

POLL TALKS: Rahul Gandhi says his family always looks forward and works for a vision.

He was campaigning for party candidate Praveen Singh Aron contesting from Bareilly Cantt.

In one of his earlier road show speeches, Rahul had claimed that had any Gandhi family member been in power during 1992, the Babri Masjid would not have been demolished.

The statement came under attack with political rivals saying this was a condemnation of the late prime minister P V Narasimha Rao and showed a ‘mindset’ that none outside the family could provide governance.

Rahul later made up by saying that he also admired certain qualities of Rao after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had hailed the late prime minister a "sanyasin" in politics.