Jul 10, 2008 at 03:41pm IST

I'm in better shape when I bowl a lot: Zaheer

Mumbai: Even though too much cricket seems to be taking a toll on Indian players, one person begs to differ. As he embarks on the tour to Sri Lanka, Zaheer Khan's mantra is the more the cricket, the better.

Roma Khanna: How much are you looking ahead to the season ahead? You go to Sri Lanka, after which there is the Champions Trophy, followed by home series against Australia and England. Do you feel at this point of time you are better placed as it is going to be a long hard few months ahead?

Zaheer Khan: I am definitely looking forward to it. I am sure I will enjoy playing more and more matches. That's what I have always been saying, that I really enjoy playing a lot of games. To just keep playing a lot of matches is the best form of practice you can get. There is nothing like playing matches to get into the best rhythm.

Roma Khanna: Isn't that a bit contradictory to what some players keep saying? They say there is too much cricket and a bit of a break is required. Do you oppose that view?

Zaheer Khan: It's a very individual view as far as too much cricket is concerned. I have always felt that whenever I have been bowling a lot of overs, I'm in better shape. I have realised that when I went to play a season of county cricket. It's something individual, maybe my body is structured that way, or I prefer it that way. So I think it's an individual call.

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