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Apr 22, 2010 at 06:55pm IST

I'm not a gameplayer: Diana Hayden

Diana Hayden has been in and out of the picture for a long time. The former Miss World went on to act in a few movies after being trained in dramatics, including a South African film, Othello, and a few Hindi films. Not too successful in Bollywood, she shifted base to Los Angeles. It was Colors' show Bigg Boss 2 which made her return to India, and now she's here for good. IBNMovies caught up with her. Excerpts.

So, what have you been up to since Bigg Boss 2?

I do lectures on corporate grooming. I also host award shows and travel shows. And of course, I'm with the Sahara IPL Pune team handling communications.

I'm not a gameplayer: Diana Hayden

Diana Hayden (Diana Hayden website)

How has it been working with the Sahara team?

It's fun. Discussing and strategising everything – right from the logo, T-shirts, the works. It reminds me of my corporate days working with BMG Crescendo before Miss India.

Do you understand cricket?

I understand it. I know what a spin ball is and what a fast one is. I know the batting order. I don't think anybody who has been brought up in India can say that they don't understand cricket.

Who is your favourite IPL player this season?

Does anybody doubt it? Sachin Tendulkar it is. He is everybody's favourite.

So, what games do you play?

I play mind games. (Laughs) No I'm just kidding. I play chess, pool, and any game which does not require me to get physical. But I have played cricket as a kid.

How was the Bigg Boss 2 experience again? What did you take back from it?

Bigg Boss 2 gave me the break I wanted. But I couldn't survive there because I'm not a gameplayer. But I learnt to cook, to be tolerant, to overcome certain things – like I couldn't imagine going without my tea, but I did.

Any more reality show offers after BB2?

Lots of channels have offered me reality shows. But I'm happy with what I'm currently doing.

You also support a lot of causes. Tell us something about them.

People always tell me that celebs cannot support multiple causes. But I feel, everybody has tons of opportunities to make a difference. Apart from the 'Take Care, Take Charge' green initiative, I support causes on breast cancer awareness and HIV/AIDS education, and also Variety Club, Lifeline, CRY, Alert India, CAP, PETA, Greenpeace, the Spastics Society of India and Habitat for Humanity International.