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Apr 09, 2013 at 08:47am IST

In Gujarat, as Modi said, Jasuben's pizza is indeed a favourite

Ahmedabad: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, while speaking of empowering women on Monday at the FICCI Ladies Organisation meet, gave an example of Jasuben and her thriving pizza business in the state. "More people in Gujarat prefer eating pizza at Jasuben's outlet rather than Pizza Hut or some other big company," Modi said.

Ahmedabadis would not agree more with what Modi said in New Delhi, while giving an example of entrepreneurship by women. It has been about 40 years now that Jasuben's pizzas have been a favourite among city residents. So much so that despite the entry of pizza giants, people still prefer the desi hard-base Jasuben pizza.

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"I stay in Mehsana but whenever I pass from Ahmedabad, I make it a point to eat this pizza," said a customer. "It is not so costly, so we students can come and eat it," another customer added.

Indeed that is the single largest factor that makes Jasuben's pizza click. While pizzas at outlets of multinational companies are priced above Rs 100, Jasuben's pizzas are priced at Rs 50. Modi's endorsement of the local brand has only made it stronger.

Rajender Singh Rathore, Jasuben outlet manager, said, "We are thankful to Modi for giving importance to our name. It's our quality that satisfies our customer. We are on a small scale but because of our quality our name is there. We thank Modi for encouraging us." Jasuben pizza is indeed a lesson in successful entrepreneurship.

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