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Jul 09, 2007 at 11:22am IST

In Rajasthan village, flood is good news

Kanana village (Barmer district, Rajasthan): In Kanana, the flood isn't all bad news. Unlike other parts of Rajasthan where rising waters have killed people and destroyed property, the rain is welcome in Kanana, bringing water to drought-hit areas, and hopes of a better harvest.

This year, it has rained double the water hence the wells have filled, indicating a good harvest and less unemployment.

The village is a kilometre away from the Luni river. Between their smiles, the villagers admit to how little they slept when the waters were rising and how they stood guard over their houses.

“Where can we go if we leave this house? We haven't slept in 3 days, because of the floods,” said a resident of Kanana, Chelaram.

For Kanana's children who know that water is a scarce commodity, so much water around them is nothing but pleasure.

And it is a pleasure they are not willing to give up anytime soon even if they know they run the risk of having their ears boxed when they get back home.