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Dec 27, 2008 at 05:43pm IST

India opens its doors for sick Pak child

New Delhi: Relations between India and Pakistan are not on good terms at the moment but for many Pakistanis who seek medical treatment in India, nothing has changed. The parents of a four-month-old child from Pakistan are in India to get their son operated for heart surgery.

Four-month-old Raheem is suffering from congenital heart disorder. But for now there is hope that Raheem will survive. This Pakistani family came to India three weeks ago for a heart surgery at the Escorts hospital after being turned down by hospitals in their home country.

Father: "His heart was not fully formed because of which blood was not reaching his lungs," said Raheem's father Sayed Ali.

The war like buildup did not stop Raheem's mother Nadia, it was the precious life of this child that the parents have flown to India and did not matter that the Mumbai killings had damaged the improving relations between the two countries.

Nadia and Syed feel safe here despite all the talk of terrorism and war. And for this middle class family, a financial exemption of Rs 1.25 lakh by the doctors was godsend.

"Our voice may or may not reach the authorities but we can only hope that peace prevails," said Nadia.

The parents hope that their son's complete recovery rests on better ties, as they plan to return to India in a three months for a second round of surgery.

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