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As it happened: Zimbabwe vs India, 1st ODI

Cricketnext Staff
Jul 24, 2013 at 08:48pm IST

Live updates from the first ODI between India and Zimbabwe being played at the Harare Sports Club.

For Virat Kohli's young Indian team this five-match series presents a chance to test the bench strength, while hosts Zimbabwe will see this as a chance to upset the reigning world champions. Zimbabwe do not get many chances to host international cricket so there is an added incentive to make these five ODIs memorable. The last time India toured Zimbabwe, for a triangular also featuring Sri Lanka, they were twice beaten by Zimbabwe and failed to reach the final.

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India have rested MS Dhoni for the tour.

As it happened: Zimbabwe vs India, 1st ODI

Virat Kohli led from the front, scoring a half-century off 57 balls.

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12:02 pm: Virat Kohli in his first official series as captain hasn't put a foot wrong and the result shows it.

12:01 pm: Zimbabwe, on the other hand, have been a disappointment. The squad has been labeled "Promising" but the on-field performances have been below par. The batting has failed to click except Elton Chigumbura who has amassed 142 runs.

11:58 am: It has fairly been a one-sided competition and India have been on a rampage proving exactly why they are the No.1 ODI side in the world currently

11:57 am: Hello folks!!! Im Aditya Bhattacharya all set to bring you live updates from the fifth and final ODI between World Champions India and Zimbabwe

6:31 pm: So we are done with our live coverage here. See you on Saturday with the updates of the last match. Until then have fun!

6:31 pm: @devendra: Definitely, it can't get more commendable than this.

6:30 pm: @nitin what you can say , its a commendable performance by Indian team

6:29 pm: India are now 4-0 up in the series, with just one more match to go on Saturday. And the way things have gone so far, a whitewash by India is pretty much on the cards.

6:27 pm: Raina remained unbeaten on 66 while Rohit remained not out on 64

6:27 pm: They have achieved the target with more than 19 overs to spare.

6:26 pm: Raina flicks one to fine leg for a single and India complete another comprehensive nine-wicket victory.

6:25 pm: India now need just one run to win.

6:25 pm: He takes a single off the next ball.

6:25 pm: Now he goes for the maximum. Slightly overpitched and Rohit goes all the way, over the long--on fence for a big six.

6:24 pm: Brian Vitori bowls one wide and Rohit guides between the two close-in fielders for boundary towards third man.

6:23 pm: India 133 for 1 chasing Zimbabwe's 144

6:23 pm: Another full delivery by Chatara and Raina swings hard as the ball goes to the vacant deep midwicket region for another boundary.

6:22 pm: Now he plays one in the air through covers, the fielder at deep cover dives forward but couldn't hold onto that one.

6:21 pm: Chatara overpitches and Raina drills it down the ground for a four.

6:19 pm: Rohit drives one through the covers for a quick two.

6:18 pm: Raina and Rohit take a quick single.

6:17 pm: Chatara replaces Sean Williams from the other end.

6:16 pm: India 119 for 1 chasing Zimbabwe's 144.

6:16 pm: Raina pushed one to long-on for a single.

6:13 pm: Is Raina out? He was beaten in the air by a full-pitched delivery, couldn't drag his leg behind in time as Taylor dislodges the bails. But the third umpire decides to give him the benefit of the doubt, he looked out though.

6:13 pm: Raina pushes one to the vacant deep midwicket for a couple.

6:12 pm: Malcolm Waller now comes into the attack.

6:11 pm: Now Raina reaches his half-century. It came off 60 balls.

6:10 pm: Rohit gets to his half-century by pushing one to long-off. It came off 84 balls.

6:10 pm: He takes a single off the next ball, followed by another one by Rohit.

6:09 pm: Williams drops one short and Rohit punishes it by pulling it to square leg where the diving fielder couldn't stop it from touching the boundary.

6:08 pm: India 108 for 1 in 27 overs chasing Zimbabwe's 144

6:08 pm: Rohit tucks one to deep midwicket for yet another single.

6:07 pm: Raina chips one to long off for a single.

6:07 pm: Rohit clips one off his pads for a single to fine leg.

6:06 pm: Raina takes a quick single on the off side as he nears his half-century.

6:06 pm: India 104 for 1 in 26 overs chasing Zimbabwe's 144

6:05 pm: Rohit comes down the track but mistimes one as the ball lands wide of long-off fielder.

6:04 pm: Now he clips one to the leg side a single.

6:04 pm: Raina pushes one fine of the short third man fielder for a couple.

6:03 pm: Rohit tucks one off his pad for a single.

6:03 pm: Four runs from this over as India are just two away from the hundred mark.

6:02 pm: Raina gets a serious knock on his wrist from a hit by Rohit.

5:58 pm: Utseya bowls his eighth over.

5:57 pm: Another single by Rohit to finish the over, four runs off it. India 94 for 1 in 24 overs chasing Zimbabwe's 144


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