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Jan 30, 2011 at 05:01pm IST

Indian govt flays TVU for tagging students

New Delhi: Sources have told CNN-IBN that Indian students are suspect in the Tri-Valley University (TVU) fraud case. Eighteen students were tagged by the American authorities. These students are suspect of being complicit with university authorities.

Shockingly , the university sold work permits to students otherwise not eligible to work in the US. It is believed by the US authorities that the Indian students knew that TVU was a university that held no classes, and sold work permits to Indians who wanted to work illegally in America.

The Indian government has lodged a strong protest over their tagging. On Friday, American diplomats were summoned to South Block when the protest was lodged.

The US says tagging is legal, but it has assured India that legitimate students will not suffer.

According to exclusive information with CNN-IBN, the Tri Valley University was allowed to enroll only 30 students, but it had 1500 students enrolled with it.

700 students were shown in university records to be living in one apartment. Now hundreds of students, mostly from Andhra Pradesh, face the prospect of deportation from the US.

While asking for strict action against the promoters of the institute, Foreign Minister SM Krishna said that what US authorities have done is unacceptable and the students should be de-tagged immediately. He said, "The way some of the students have been treated by the authority is unacceptable."

Asking for information from the US, Krishna said, "We have asked the US to give us information as and when the investigations unfold. We make special request to the US that strict action should be taken against the organisers of such dubious institutes."

"Legitimate students wanting to return to India should be able to voluntarily do so and those wanting to stay back and study in the US, should be helped to get transferred to other universities," Krishna further added.

Opposition BJP has demanded the government plays a more proactive role in the matter.

“We demand that the Government of India plays a far more active role so that these students don’t suffer and their education doesn’t suffer. The students are in a very uncertain environment. We want foreign ministry to take proactive measures. It’s a very serious matter and they (students) can’t be treated like this,” said Nirmala Seetharaman, BJP spokesperson.

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