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Sep 14, 2008 at 11:11am IST

Indian Mujahideen claims Operation B-A-D over

New Delhi: The Indian Mujahideen struck again on Saturday, this time in the national capital, accomplishing its 'Operation BAD' - which the intelligence community had deciphered as 'Operation Bangalore-Ahmedabad-Delhi'.

After more than 20 blasts in Ahmedabad on the evening of July 26, killing 56 people, intelligence officials had intercepted a call made from the across the border claiming “Operation BAD is successful”.

At that time the intelligence officials and the Gujarat police had suspected the BAD stood for Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi - Bangalore, India's IT hub, had suffered serial bombings only a day before the Ahmedabad bombings. One woman was killed in the July 25 terror attack.

CITIES UNDER ATTACK: A mangled vehicle after the serial blasts in Ahmedabad on July 26.

Following the serial blasts in Delhi Saturday, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi said he had "specifically informed" Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of terrorists' plans to target New Delhi though he did not have precise information on dates and places.

"Ten days ago, when I met the prime minister, the home minister (Shivraj Patil) and the National Security Adviser (M.K. Narayanan) in New Delhi, I had specifically informed them that the terrorists being interrogated by the Gujarat police had indicated Delhi was going to be their next target,' Modi told reporters.

"The terrorists had said they were going to target Delhi in the near future, though we did not have specific dates or places," he added. The Gujarat police, however, said they had no such specific information.

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