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Jun 10, 2009 at 02:20am IST

Indian students unite to fight back in Oz

New Delhi: In reply to all the attacks on Indian students in Australia, the Indians students have now formed groups to fight back and protect themselves.

The two violent incidents, where Indian students attacked an Australian boy and three Lebanese men, have really worried the Australian police.

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In one of the incidents a group of Indians stabbed a 20-year-old Australian and later torched his car after he and his friends allegedly made racist remarks against them.

Similar fate awaited three Lebanese men after they allegedly assaulted an Indian student.

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These incidents have sparked fears a violent backlash, something both countries have been dreading.

“The New South Whales (NSW) police and the NSW government will not tolerate any violence in the community regardless if which group it is,” says an Australian police official.

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Indian Government is also trying to calm tempers.

“I have been appalled by the senseless violence in Australia. I propose to engage authorities in Australia in a high level talks to find a solution,” said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Lok Sabha.

“I would like the Indian students to be patient. They should concentrate on higher studies rather than retaliate. We have the fullest assurance of Australian government that care would be taken,” said External Affairs Minister SM Krishna.

But those words have found very few takers in Sydney, where students took to streets once again to voice their anger.