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Jun 06, 2012 at 02:02pm IST

Indian-American doctor appointed in Texas Medical Board

Houston: A prominent Indian-American doctor has been appointed to a key body of medical professionals in Texas.

Texas governor Rick Perry appointed Surendra Varma of Lubbock, Texas, and Robert Hootkins of Austin to the Texas Medical Board District Review Committees Three and Four.

Committee members evaluate medical practice or professional competency and make recommendations on investigations conducted by the board.

Indian-Americam doc named in US medical board

Surendra Varma is the Associate Dean of the Graduate Medical Education.

Varma is the Associate Dean of the Graduate Medical Education and the Resident Affairs at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Centre (TTUHSC).

He is also the Ted Hartman Endowed Chairman in Medical Education and vice-chairman of Pediatrics at TTUHSC School of Medicine.

He has been appointed as the District Three Review committee for a term to expire on January 15, 2018.