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Jan 09, 2008 at 11:40am IST

Indian-Americans in Iowa set to vote blue

Des Moines (Iowa): Indian-Americans in the US have been tardy in taking to American politics. Barely 50 per cent actually vote. But the trend seems to be changing for the Presidential elections of 2008.

Just four days into the New Year, many of them will participate in the Iowa caucuses. From all indications, most will swing Democrat.

Says the President of the Indo-American Association of Iowa, Amar Sinha, “I think everybody I've talked to in the last one week or so, they're excited about the change in Government. When I talk to them about what kind of change, they say, ‘Hope to see the Democrats come back again and let's see if they can change things around’.”

Indian-American actor Kal Penn added some star appeal by batting for Barack Obama in Iowa, but there are still many staunch Hillary Clinton supporters within the community.

Says Saatchi Kalra, “India has had a woman Prime Minister. England – Margaret Thatcher. I think it's time the US has a woman President.”

On the January 3, the Indian community in Iowa will send out its message to the Presidential candidates at the Iowa caucus.

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