Oct 17, 2012 at 12:26pm IST

Indians hesitate to know more about the technology: Srinivas Mohan

Chennai, Oct 16: Visual effects designer V Srinivas Mohan, known for his work in Tamil blockbusters such as 'Enthiran', 'Sivaji' and 'Boys', Tuesday said the visual effects scene in India is still in its nascent stage because people have not familiarized themselves with the technology.

"Cost has never been a reason for not using visual effects in Indian cinema. We don't give the technology its due respect and resort to using shoddily presented visual effect scenes because we hesitate to know more about the technology," he said.

He was speaking about visual effects in India and making of 'Enthiran' on the opening day of Media and Entertainment Business Conclave (MEBC), a Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) initiative.

We hesitate to know about the technology: Srinivas

Visual effects designer Srinivas Mohan is known for his work in blockbusters like 'Enthiran', 'Sivaji' and 'Boys'.

"If we are ready to use visual effects even for a micro second in a film, the the impact it renders on the audience will be amazing," Mohan added.