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Jun 18, 2007 at 11:56am IST

India's best police station listens

Jaipur: A police station where officials are polite, complaints are heard over tea in a comfortable lounge and where kids play in the lawn. Welcome to the Shipra Path police station in Jaipur, where the policemen are gentlemen and actually help people.

“Our area was under the control of criminals but not any more because the policemen are working hard to help us out,” says Jaipur resident Yashasvi Sharma.

Praises from people led voluntary group Altus Global Alliance to declare the Shipra Path police station as the best in the country.

“I'd like to share a personal experience. Some men were harassing me, so I came here for help. At that time I thought they wouldn't be able to help me out and probably I'd be victimised again. But when I came here everything was sorted out so smoothly that now I'm a regular visitor,” says Yashasvi.

The Rajasthan Police is very proud of the two police stations in Jaipur rated as the top two in the country. Officials say they want the police stations to be people friendly where everyone can walk in without fear and where work is prompt and efficient.

“What we have tried to do here is go in for community-oriented policing. It’s policing which the community wants us to do, rather than doing it the way we've been doing traditionally,” says A S Gill, Director General of Rajasthan Police, Jaipur.

Officials at Shipra Path police station like being called the best but say their greatest reward is watching people leaving with a smile on their faces.

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