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Jan 01, 2013 at 09:00am IST

India's top Chemistry expert creates magic with gels

Thiruvananthapuram: Gardening is Dr Ajayaghosh's hobby, a getaway when he is not doing what he's best at which is working with molecules.

The lab at CSIR has been Dr Ajayaghosh's passion, and today after years of rigorous research he on the verge of a breakthrough. "This is CSIR NIST, one of the CSIR labs in Trivandrum. I had been working in this lab for the past 25 years. I did all my research in this place and this laboratory has played an important role in my career," Dr Ghosh said.

We all know the world of molecules in Chemistry, but ever heard that these that molecules and see and talk to each other? Fascinating isn't it? The professor now tells us that this could be the very well be the basis for early detection of not only life threatening diseases but also deadly explosives.

Dr Ajayaghosh's work revolves around a magic gel, the creation of which has been central to his scientific work.

"This can be used for sensing certain molecules and this may have lot of applications. For example, if you want to detect explosives, you can make an explosive sensitive assembly and you can use the fluorescent variations in that to detect it," Dr Ajayaghosh said.

An impressive rack of awards lying speak volumes about Dr Ajayaghosh's achievements. Yet Dr Ajayaghosh retains a child-like enthusiasm for his subject, the molecule world. Recognition only makes him work harder.

"Now people have much more expectation from me which means I have to work more and more in the coming days and years and of course recognition is good for any person because you feel your work is getting rewarded," Dr Ajayaghosh said.

He also says that family has played a big role in his success, given the modest background he came from.

"When I was a school boy I had to struggle a lot to get educated because my parents were not well to do. I am very proud that I am coming from an ordinary village and had education in an ordinary government school," Dr Ajayaghosh said.

The doctor is the first chemist to win the Infosys award, but like others of his breed he just plans to work silently on, even we salute him.

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