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Aug 13, 2009 at 01:43am IST

Bomb threat to Indigo turns out to be hoax

New Delhi: An anonymous phone call on Wednesday threatening that a bomb was planted on a Kolkata-bound Indigo flight with 130 people, including six crew, on board sent security agencies into a tizzy at the airport in New Delhi, but turned out to be a hoax.

The flight left for its destination around 19:30 hours (IST) finally, after a delay of about three hours, following a through check of the aircraft and the baggages by the security personnel, a senior CISF official said, adding that the threat turned out to be a hoax.

Around 16:05 hours (IST), a call was received at the airline's call-centre that a bomb has been placed in the Delhi-Kolkata flight (6E-203), which was to take off around 16:30 hours (IST).

GROUNDED: The IndiGo flight (203) was bound for Kolkata from Delhi.

The flight was scheduled for take off at 15:30 hours (IST) but was delayed as the airport was closed for about two hours due to a security drill ahead of the Independence Day celebrations.

The airlines informed about the threat call to the ATC, which alerted the security agencies. They then cordoned off the plane and passengers were deboarded and baggages off-loaded, the official said.

An extensive search of the aircraft and the baggages was carried out by the bomb detection and disposal squad but nothing was found. The plane was later cleared for boarding and take-off.

"All the passengers on the aircraft were safe and the airline was committed to provide the highest levels of security and safety for its passengers at all times," Indigo President, Aditya Ghosh said.