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Indore stabbing: Police arrest two more

Aug 23, 2012 at 03:16pm IST

Indore: Sources say that two more of the accused in the Indore molestation-stabbing case have been arrested. The total number of arrests in the case is now four.

A man bled to his death at a police station in Indore on Wednesday after authorities failed to administer immediate medical aid to him.

Ravi, along with his friend, had taken on a bunch of men who tried to molest his sister.

Indore stabbing: Police arrest two more

The total number of arrests in the shocking case, whereby a man bled to his death at a police station, is now four.

The group managed to stab him and flee. Ravi's family brought him to the police station, from where, after much delay, he was taken to a hospital where he was declared brought dead.

While Ravi's friend and family blamed the police for delayed action, the police said it was the victim's family that caused his death as instead of taking him to a hospital, they brought him straight to the police station.

Countering allegations that the police insisted on completing paperwork before anything else, the Indore Police IG said that the paperwork took only five minutes and not 40, as the local media had claimed.

Meanwhile, the Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission has served a notice to the state police and given it one week's time to file a report.


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