Oct 01, 2012 at 08:53am IST

Infatuated student expelled from Eflu

The English and Foreign Languages University (Eflu) on Friday expelled a student who had sent vulgar messages to a faculty member.

“This kind of a behaviour from a student is unacceptable and we expel him right away,” Prof Lakshmi Chandra, Eflu spokesperson, told City Express.

The student in question, 19-year-old Aryan Kumar Singh from Bihar, had joined BA English Literature course in the EFL University a few months ago.

He was apparently infatuated with a French teacher on the campus and sent her indecent messages through several mobile phones prompting her to file a complaint with the police.

The Cyber Crime Police traced the messages to Aryan Kumar Singh and informed the same to the university authorities.

 The police also questioned the student and he reportedly confessed to have sent the messages.

 Significantly, students of the various departments themselves approached Vice-Chancellor Prof Sunaina Singh and demanded his expulsion.

 “We do not want any further inquiry and do not want him to be rusticated.

 We requested the VC to expel him forever,” said Sateesh, a student.

 The student has since left the campus and his whereabouts are unknown.

 University authorities say that a letter of expulsion would be sent soon to his home in Bihar.

 Unconfirmed reports said the student, son of a police official in Bihar, had resorted to threatening the French teacher as well as students who opposed his actions.

 The police seized eight mobile phone SIM cards from his possession.

 “When found guilty, he even threatened us as his father is a police inspector back home.

 He is very arrogant even after he was found guilty,” said a student.

 According to some, Aryan fainted after interrogation on Thursday and was taken to the University Health Centre and subsequently, to the Kamineni Hospital.

 Thereafter, he disappeared.

 Some students claimed he had left for Bihar, while some said the University authorities ensured his safe journey back home, as he was psychologically “imbalanced.