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Feb 24, 2009 at 06:35pm IST

International calls to end Lanka fightings grow

New Delhi: International calls to end the fighting in Sri Lanka are growing. The US says the Sri Lankan government and the LTTE should end hostilities and move towards a political settlement.

The State Department said it was concerned over the fate of more than 2,00,000 refugees caught in the fighting. However, Sri Lanka has rejected LTTE's call for a ceasefire, terming it as “hilarious.”

They say it is an LTTE ploy to call for truce whenever it is facing defeat.

BATTLE STILL ON: The US says the Lankan government and the LTTE should end hostilities.

The UN has also called for a ceasefire to ensure safe passage for the refugees. The European Union said the LTTE should lay down arms, renounce violence and begin a dialogue with the government.

EU ministers said they are “deeply concerned” over the growing humanitarian crisis and increased numbers of refugees that are fleeing the fighting in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, India on Tuesday reiterated that there should be no firing in safe zones.

Sri Lanka’s government said the LTTE is holding about 70,000 people against their will in the north.

LTTE, who are battling for a separate Tamil homeland, accused the military of shelling and bombing civilian areas. They said people remain in LTTE-held territory of their own free will and don’t want to be placed in government-run transit camps.