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Jan 05, 2011 at 06:03pm IST

Is there another housemate hiding inside

The Bigg Boss show is not yet over and until the winner is announced, expect the unexpected.

It goes like this. In between all the dancing inside the house, all of a sudden Bigg Boss gives a red box to Dolly Bindra. The box is locked and she makes it very clear to the housemates not to touch it.

Our source says, " Dolly kept the red box in the living area and went outside. When she returned, the red box was no where to be found. She did try to find it inside the house but couldn't get a trace of it."

A hidden housemate inside the Bigg Boss house?

After Dolly Bindra's red box goes missing, she thinks there is someone hiding in the secret room.

" Dolly believes that there is someone inside the secret room who has done the mischief and tells Khali about it," adds our source.

Is there really someone inside the secret room or is it Shweta, Ashmit or Khali who has hidden the box. The Bigg Boss fans will have to wait until tonight's episode.