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Jun 26, 2007 at 12:52pm IST

ISB radio makes waves in campus

Hyderabad: ‘Good evening and welcome to ISB radio.’ The very phrase is doing rounds in the Indian School of Business (ISB).

ISB started its very own community radio station with the thought that since the radio revolution is sweeping gen-X off its feet, why not bring in into the campus?

The management was more than happy to support her initiative when ISB student Sindhu Shanmugham came up with the idea.

“I hope we are not producing students who are only interested in work and not in fun because that will be a disaster. We are very keen that the students enjoy it and yet have a perfectly balanced life,” says Deputy Dean, ISB, Ajit Rangnekar.

What started as an e-mail full of ideas is now a big hit in the campus. The team behind the radio station says that an investment of Rs 10,000 for the project has been completely worth it.

‘People discuss it during breakfast. We are mini celebrities and fans hound us. I took a photocopy of my autograph too for fun. We should say it has been a successful few weeks,” says a team member of ISB radio, Sindhu Shanmugha.

Shows on ISB radio have takers simply because they are packed with talk shows, radio plays, information about placements and even campus gossip.

‘I liked the show where a professor was interviewed. He spoke about himself, how he met his wife and also sang Dhoom Machale. And that was really amazing,” says a student, Sukanya.

However, the station is only available through the campus intranet. So the students in the campus rarely miss out on the two-hour-long show that airs every evening.