Ishant Sharma fined for face-off with Symonds

Feb 25, 2008 at 08:25am IST

Sydney: A second for Andrew Symonds — the Australian all-rounder got into a sledging match with Indian fast bowler Ishant Sharma during the CB Series game at the SCG on Sunday.

Post the heated exchange of words and gestures, Ishant Sharma was summoned for a disciplinary hearing by the match referee.

The hearing took place on Monday before Team India left for Hobart for its next game with Sri Lanka.

FINED FOR INDISCIPLINE: Ishant Sharma was facing a Level 1.6 offence according to the ICC's Code of Conduct.

The pacer has been fined 15 per cent of his match fee by the ICC. Sharma was facing a Level 1.6 offence according to the ICC's Code of Conduct.

It all happened when Symonds was dismissed in the 48th over by Sharma after making 59 runs.

Television replays showed Symonds speaking in an aggressive tone to Sharma after he was foxed by a slower ball and the young Indian bowler didn't hold back either.

He pointed Symonds in the direction of the dressing room and let loose a verbal volley of his own.

The on-field umpires spoke to the Indian team following the incident and later notified the ICC of the incident.

The Australian team has not filed any complaint against Sharma, but Team India has written a letter saying that sledging needs to be curbed as this is the main reason for all the problems cropping up between the two teams.

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