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Jun 02, 2011 at 11:05am IST

ISI scripted 26/11: Shahzad's book tells all

New Delhi: According to murdered Pakistani journalist Saleem Shahzad's book, Al Qaeda linked Illyas Kashmiri used an old ISI plan to script the devastating Mumbai terror attacks.

In his book, 'Inside Al-Qaeda and the Taliban - beyond bin Laden and 9/11, the 41-year-old reporter has written that Pakistan's intelligence agency - the ISI - scripted the original 26/11 plan and was pushed through by key al Qaeda ally Illyas Kashmiri - the leader of the 313 brigade.

Shahzad in his book writes, that Illyas Kashmiri, who had expertise on Indian operations was adamant on his suggestion that expanding the war theatre was the only way to overcome the Indo-Pak impasse.

Shahzad further writes that Kashmiri handed over the plan to former army major and LeT commander Haroon Ashik. Incidentally Ashik had close ties with LeT chiefs Zakiur Rahman Lakhvi and Abu Hamza.

The book was released on May 20. Shahzad, who was abducted and killed ten days after the book was released, has written in his book that Al Qaeda had excitedly lapped up Kashmiri's proposal of an attack on India- as a way to expand the war theatre.

Shahzad has also said that it was former army major Haroon Ashik, who took the help of Kashmiri's men in India - to hijack the ISI plan and execute the 26/11 attacks.

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