Jun 18, 2007 at 06:31am IST

It's 'Me, myself and Rina' at WIFW

New Delhi: ‘Me, Myself, Rina’ – that’s what fashion designer Rina Dhaka called her Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week collection.

The collection, which was showcased on Friday, was exactly a signature Rina line - sexy and stylish.

“For me these clothes are sexy in their own classic way. I feel that even if I’m trying to be conservative, that element will come in at some point. It’s just the way you wear it,” says Rina.

Apart from the name, the line itself drew inspiration from the West though it relied on Indian fabrics like tussar silks.

However, sarees that doubled up as skirts and coarse textured jackets and dresses with red trimmings clearly stood out.

All in all, it was a diverse collection with Indian fabrics and western silhouettes that opened with chic black dresses, moved on to colourful flowing outfits but it slipped somewhere in between with some disappointing pieces in blue.

But for Rina Dhaka, once known as the sensuality queen of Indian fashion, it was overall a definite struggle to retain that sexual edge at a time when everything and everybody tries to play sexy.

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