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Nov 10, 2012 at 11:29am IST

'It's Rocking - Dard-E-Disco' Review: Watch at your own risk

Cast: Akshay Kapoor, Aryeman Ramsay, Sneha Ullal, Bappi Lahiri, Sharat Saxena, Rituparna Sengupta

Director: Ashok Tyagi

Sometimes you wonder, what could have inspired the makers to come up with a rudderless film like ‘It’s Rocking: Dard-E-Disco’. The film lacks theme, lucidity and punch.

'It's Rocking - Dard-E-Disco' Review: Avoidable

Devoid of any story, 'It's Rocking: Dard-E-Disco' has nothing to offer you, in fact it's a test of patience.

The basic storyline revolves around two brothers Rambo (Aryeman Ramsay) and Rocky (Akshay Kapoor) who are a pain in the neck for their over-disciplined father (Sharat Saxena). They have high hopes from life but things are not moving in the right direction for the time being. Disco King (Bappi Lahiri, who else!) comes as the light at the end of the tunnel for the two confused guys, but there is someone else also, who doesn’t want Disco King to survive for long.

There is absolutely no narrative structure in the film, anything happens at any time. Jump cuts are used in abundance, which in a way help the audience that they can look up to at least something in the film.

One would wonder what has happened to Akshay Kapoor, he is the same guy who played the lead in ‘Alag’ and ‘Popcorn Khao Mast Ho Jao’. He is over the top, doesn’t deliver the dialogue properly, smiles when it is not needed and carries the confidence of a superstar.

Aryeman Ramsay is better than Akshay simply because he talks in a low pitched voice, but that doesn’t save the audience. His slanted stance in front of the camera gives a jarring effect. However, only the director Ashok Tyagi can explain the cinematographer’s fetish of capturing Ramsay in long shots.

Sneha Ullal is a radio jockey who seductively talks to a stranger live on her show. The lady has come a long way since her ‘Lucky’ days, and she doesn’t look like Aishwarya Rai anymore, so there is absolutely nothing apart from acting skills that can fetch her more roles. The director is there to be blamed but she also has made terrible mistakes in the film.

Why Rituparna Sengupta, why? You’re not such a pathetic actor, please do justice to your talent. You don’t need to do every Bollywood offer that comes your way.

The only actor who gives a little relief is debutant Bappi Lahiri. He is much more natural than others and that reflects the plight of the spectators. Bappi da is in his usual self and sings some of his big hits, but the songs that he composed for the film are average, in fact sub-standard. We had some expectations from the king of disco.

Devoid of any story, ‘It’s Rocking: Dard-E-Disco’ has nothing special to offer you, in fact it’s a test of patience. Due to the fact that somebody has made a film and got it released, I leave it to your judgement whether to see the film or not.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.


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