Mar 07, 2008 at 12:57am IST

'Satisfying to put Aussies in their place'

New Delhi: Robin Uthappa was promoted to open the batting in the latter half of the Commonwealth Bank Series and he did pretty well. He spoke to CNN-IBN about his experiences Down Under.

Robin Uthappa: It has definitely sunk in. It is satisfying to have put the Aussies in their place. We are coming up really well as a side. I think in the future we will have a very good side.

Sanjeeb Mukherjea: The team has turned the tables on Australia. What is the mood inside the team?

Robin Uthappa: We knew that we want to go there and just make an impact. We didn't want to beat Australia. We just wanted to win. We didn't really care who we were playing. We just wanted to make a statement. We are a good side.

Sanjeeb Mukherjea: Australia are believed to be Australia with tow more As - ambition and aggression. Seems that ambition and aggression are fully in India's control. What do you say about that?

Robin Uthappa: I can say that we have learnt the art of whatever the Australians have been doing in the past. In the past I had said we have to fight fire with fire and I am saying that statement still stands. It will stand for Indian cricket for a very long time.

Sanjeeb Mukherjea: How difficult is it to be at the ground, concentrate and do your job for India and also not pay attention to Australia

Robin Uthappa: I think I have used it as a motivation. Every time someone said something to me I said 'No way I am going to let these guys go off the hook that easily now. I am going to make sure that I drill them in'. I make sure that I do something substantial for the team and bring the team to position where we are safe and in a good position to win the game. It actually motivated me. It was a kind of a love affair between a few of the Australian players and myself where we shared what we feel like about each other, which was quite interesting. It keeps you motivated, it keeps you going, it keeps you ticking. So it was quite good.

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