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Feb 19, 2013 at 11:46am IST

Jaipur: 15-year-old fights molesters as bystanders watch and do nothing

Jaipur: A brave 15-year-old girl in Jaipur fought back against her molesters and an attempt to abduct her in an SUV. Unfortunately, in this case as well, people just stood by with no one coming forward to help her.

Four men tried to abduct her in an SUV on her way to tuitions just a kilometre away from home on a busy main road in Jaipur at 6:30 pm on Saturday. "Two of them were inside the car, the other two held me and tried to push me inside it," the girl said.

"When the fourth guy entered the car, I kicked him and he fell. The other three also came out and started slapping and abusing me," she added.

But she did her best to not give in, screamed and used her presence of mind to fight back. A kitchen knife she had begun carrying after the Delhi gangrape case came in handy to scare the assailants away. "I picked up the knife which had fallen out of my bag, screamed and sought help so they would back off and they did, after that I ran," she said.

Shockingly, none of the bystanders came forward even as she screamed for help. "There were people and I was wailing like a child but no one came forward. They did not even bother to call up the police. I would say every girl should keep a safety device - a pepper spray, a knife anything," the girl said.

The police have now registered a case against the four unknown assailants, one of whom the girl says she saw earlier on the same road. Her parents who are proud of her courageous act, now want them to be brought to book at the earliest.

"While she has come out like a shining star and I salute her, but it's a really disappointing incident to have taken place in the capital of Rajasthan, a city which is considered relatively safe," the girl's mother said.

On a busy main road in Jaipur, the brave 15-year-old set an example by fighting back, saving herself from what could have been a nightmare with extraordinary courage and presence of mind. But just as much it puts a question mark on the government's claims of making cities safer after the Delhi rape case.

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