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Apr 15, 2013 at 05:04pm IST

Jaipur accident shame: Man who helped family blames public apathy for tragedy

Jaipur: A young man who works at the Ghati Ki Guni tunnel traffic control booth and was the first one to come forward to help the Jaipur family that lost two members in a road accident on Sunday, blamed public apathy for the delay in help. "The accident happened at 2.13 pm. I saw the CCTV footage and rushed to help the family. But nobody on the road came forward to help. People just drove by without stopping. I called the PCR and they reached within 7 minutes. They were very helpful. If the people had stopped to help, the situation would have been much better," Ranjit Kumar said.

When asked why the two-wheeler was allowed entry in the tunnel despite a ban, Kumar said they would not be able to handle the public anger. "The company cannot stop two wheelers from using the tunnel. There will be a lot of public anger which the company cannot tackle. We are taking police's help in controlling traffic."

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"The CCTV video reflects the society's apathy towards accident victims," he added.

Jaipur accident shame: 'Public apathy to blame for tragedy'

When asked why the two-wheeler was allowed entry in the tunnel despite a ban, Ranjit Kumar said it would lead to public anger.

A 26-year-old woman and her 8-month-old daughter were killed when the motorcycle they were riding on was run over by a speeding truck in Jaipur on Sunday. While the woman's husband and son escaped with minor injuries, their cries for help were ignored by the passersby and motorists and car drivers.