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Aug 05, 2013 at 10:51am IST

Jaisalmer SP's transfer part of administrative reshuffle: Ashok Gehlot

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Sunday said the transfer Jaisalmer's Superintendent of Police Pankaj Choudhary is "routine" as it was part of the reshuffle of 49 IPS officers.

"It is an attempt to make non-issue an issue by linking transfer of the IPS officers including Jaislamer SP on August 2 with a state government's circular," Gehlot told reporters after a Roza Iftar at a college ground in Jaipur.

"It was the state government's circular of July 14 to all district SPs to check history-sheets of criminals. There is a provision in Rajasthan Police rules that if a history sheet of a criminal is opened, it can not be closed.

Jaisalmer SP's transfer part of administrative reshuffle: Ashok Gehlot

Jaisalmer SP's transfer part of administrative reshuffle: Ashok Gehlot

"In the circular the state government has asked the SPs that the history sheet of criminals should not be closed, and if closed, ensure it is opened...also asked them to honour any High Court ruling, if any in any such case," he said.

"Any police officer who is taking action based on the state government's order can not be transferred. It was an administrative decision for reshuffling the officers and in public interest too. The non-issue becomes an issue in media, it is most unfortunate and I do not understand it", the Chief Minister commented.

Gehlot further said, "If any SP is obeying the order under sections of Rajasthan Police Rules, why would the state government punish him. The government is itself directing the SPs to take up history-sheeters' matter. If any such file is closed due to a High Court order, it should also be opened appropriately in the light of decision."

When asked who converted the matter into an "issue", Gehlot told reporters, "You people are making it."  On being asked that whether the matter was being communalised, Gehlot replied, "BJP's job is to communalise."  When reminded that Jaisalmer observed bandh against the SP's transfer, Gehlot said, "It is public..it does on may occasions...some people might be having such feelings...even SDO's transfer can cause such public feelings".

Choudhary had reopened history-sheets against several persons, including the one against Gazi Fakir, 78-year-old father of Pokhran Congress MLA Saleh Mohammed, on July 31 after a spurt in crime in the golden fort city. When asked that whether Gazi Fakir's history sheet be investigated, Gehlot said, "The state government has issued the circular to SPs...if any one (SP) does the job...he can not be made guilty....there is no link with transfer".