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Jun 11, 2009 at 03:23pm IST

Jaswant questions BJP leadership on poll loss

New Delhi: Rumours of discontent within the Bharatiya Janata (BJP) have been rife since its defeat in the Lok Sabha elections. Now Senior party leader and Lok Sabha MP Jaswant Singh has written to the party leadership and questioned why no one takes responsibility when things go wrong.

He has also questioned the party's new leadership structure. All of this in a two-page letter written in Hindi, and was circulated at the BJP senior leader meet on Wednesday.

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He has questioned the party's new leadership structure in a two-page letter, written in Hindi and circulated at BJP senior leaders meet at L K Advani's residence on Wednesday. The letter has been accessed by CNN-IBN.

NO LESSONS LEARNT: Jaswant says BJP made the same mistakes as it had in 2004 general polls.

The letter has four detailed subheads:

Management: The letter asks why those responsible for election strategising are being rewarded with plum posts?

Analysis: Why should analysis via columns be written only by those who were strategising?

Responsibility: Why is there no one to take responsibility when things go wrong?

Delayed response: BJP lost Rajasthan and Delhi in Assembly polls, now it has lost Lok Sabha elections. Why is there no attempt to find out reasons for defeat?

Jaswant also wrote in the letter that in 2009 the party was making the same mistakes as it had in 2004.

BJP’s key strategist and senior leader Sudheendra Kulkarni had written a scathing article in a magazine blaming the second generation for the party’s debacle.

His article has raised a lot of criticism and the latest to target him is Rajya Sabha MP Arun Shourie. Sources told CNN-IBN that Shourie charged Kulkarni of exceeding his brief during Tuesday’s parliamentary party meet.

At the meet, Jaswant also questioned Arun Jaitley for writing another column in a newspaper describing the reasons for party’s defeat in the elections.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), too, had blamed Kulkarni for washing dirty linen in public.

It is not for the first time that Kulkarni is facing the heat from partymen. When Advani was embroiled in the Jinnah controversy, it was Kulkarni who was charged with creating the controversy.

Kulkarni was removed officially from the party posts. However, he came back during the General Elections, going on to become one of the party’s main spokespersons and heading the overall campaigning strategy.

Kulkarni has been the closest aide to Advani over the last four years and that is why many believe that his views are actually reflective of what Advani himself feels disgruntled about.

(With inputs from Bhupendra Chaubey)