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Jeevitha, Rajshekhar taunt back on Pawan Kalyan

May 15, 2012 at 06:46pm IST

The Antyakshari scene in ‘Gabbar Singh’ has been receiving much attention for the fact that Pawan Kalyan used the scene to ridicule Rajshekar and Jeevitha. They will hit back was expected, though that they would make the ridiculous suggestion that Pawan mimicked Rajshekar so as to score a hit after a spate of flops is laughable.

Speaking to a national daily, the couple said, "Siva Reddy had become popular and had made a living by imitating us on the stage. We are happy for him, we heard that the same act was repeated in ‘Gabbar Singh’. If that is true then we are equally happy for Pawan Kalyan too for using us to make some money and churning out a successful film after such a series of disasters. A satire is fine as long as it doesn't offend anyone." Taking credit for Siva Reddy's success as a mimicry artist and Gabbar Singh's success, the couple delivered a joke.

They may indeed be very popular so that even a superstar has used them as a shortcut to BO success and their forthcoming film, ‘Mahankali’, directed by Jeevitha, might become a bigger hit than ‘Gabbar Singh’. If ‘Mahankali’ fails at the BO, they may play themselves on screen as the last resort and score a blockbuster, finally for themselves.

Jeevitha, Rajshekhar taunt back on Pawan Kalyan

The Antyakshari scene in 'Gabbar Singh' has been receiving much attention as Pawan Kalyan used it indecorously.