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Sep 20, 2012 at 08:47am IST

Srinagar: Five-day-old baby girl with cleft lip found abandoned

Srinagar: A five-day old baby girl, born with a cleft lip, has been left abandoned by her parents in a Srinagar hospital. No one has come forward to claim the infant, who is now being fed through a tube.

She hasn't got her name yet, but those who could have given her one, her parents, abandoned her in the corridor of a paediatric hospital. Born with a cleft lip, the infant girl cannot suckle milk properly and gets food through a tube.

Byte Dr Saleem Rehman, Deputy Medical Superintendent, GB Pant hospital, said, "We admitted her and she is being treated. Her lip would be impaired, but to operate her she should be three months old."

Well-dressed when left by her apparently not so poor parents, doctors feel the cleft lip might be the reason why she was abandoned. But doctors say such surgeries are not costly now and are even done for free by voluntary groups. They regret no one has come to claim the baby, although people have called for help.

What is worrisome is that no one has turned up to adopt her and to give her a new home.

CNN-IBN is making an earnest appeal to people to come forward for help. Those intending to do so should call:

Dr Muneer Masoodi - 09419000300

Dr Bisma - 09419000684

Dr Saleem - 09419013699