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Jun 20, 2007 at 08:47am IST

J&K's drugs, terror link snapped

Awantipore (J&K): Customs and police officials are destroying acres of poppy crop in Pulwama. They say trafficking of drugs is a major source of funding for terror outfits in the valley.

These terror outfits coax villagers to plant poppy and cannabis plants, from which opium and hashish are produced. And police says a huge portion of money obtained from this trade goes into militancy and that drug Cartels push it into Mumbai and international markets at a huge remuneration.

“In cannabis we have found that there is a backing of militants to these growers because Cannabis is having much more stakes,” says Superintendent, Customs, M S Kamra.

A kilogram of cannabis fetches Rs 3 lakh n the domestic market. The same quantity is sold for more than Rs 10 lakh in the cities of Europe. It’s then that drug trafficking goes hand in hand with terror in Kashmir.

“This thing has happened because of militant support. If there had been no militancy, the trade would have never flourished. If militancy is finished, the trade will also die its own death,” says SP, Awantipore, Sardar Khan.

Officials say over 750 acres of land is being used to cultivate poppy in Pulwama. The drug trade is said to have brought in crores of rupees for the terrorists outfits in the valley over the past two decades.