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Sep 21, 2012 at 10:00am IST

Srinagar: Help pours in for abandoned baby girl with cleft lip

Srinagar: Hours after CNN-IBN broadcast the story of a five-day-old girl, abandoned due to a cleft lip, responses began streaming in with couples calling from Coimbatore and Bangalore to Chandigarh and the Kashmir valley. Voluntary groups have promised to find a new home for her.

"We are getting calls and at least some couples sound serious to give her a home," Doctor Muneer Masoodi of GB Pant hospital said.

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Help Foundation Chairperson Nighat Shafi Pandit said, "There are many parents who want a child and they do not care that she has a cleft lip."

Doctors at the GB Pant hospital have kept her on a ventilator at the ICU. Though her split lip prevents her from drinking milk for now, she is being fed via tubing. The girl's light has social networking sites abuzz too, with people offering advice and help.

While the CNN-IBN appeal has generated quite a response from people and voluntary service groups, the state government seems to be unconcerned about the girl. Both the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister's office and Social Welfare Minister, who is a woman herself, chose not to respond when their attention was drawn to her plight.

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