Feb 24, 2009 at 11:04pm IST

Militant mother against son's cricket dreams

Srinagar: Mohammed Bin Qasim has been selected as a member of Jammu & Kashmir under-16 team to play in the Vijay Merchant Trophy tournament 2009.

Qasim is desperate to play ut his mother Asiya Andrabi, the head of the radical Islamic women's outfit Dukhtaran-I-Millat, is not ready to let her son represent the Jammu & Kashmir team.

"Your name is Mohammed Bin Qasim and I want to see you as Mohammed Bin Qasim. So you have to live your life which will be for a greater cause, just not for a ball and bat," says Andrabi.

Andrabi told Qasim that he should not play for a country his parents were fighting against.

Instead she wants to send him to a religious seminary after he finishes school but her son's priorities lie elsewhere.

"I met my mother in Central jail and I told her let me play only one national. It's my dream come true. If you don't allow me to play the whole national juts let me play one national. But they did not allow me. They told me it is not the motive, it is not the aim of your life," says Qasim.

As a two-month old, Qasim had spent some time in jail along with his mother. Qasim's father, Muhammad Qasim Fuktoo, a militant commander, has been in prison since 1994. The parents believe Qasim would appreciate their decision when he grows up.

"Islam has given us total code of conduct. I have been teaching this to my son. you can play a game, you can play cricket but not as a career," says his mother.

But for now, Qasim is too much in love with cricket to see all that.