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Aug 24, 2012 at 02:56pm IST

J&K Finance Minister Abdul Rahim Rather's son Hilal Ahmad accused of power theft

Jammu: The son of the senior-most Cabinet Minister in Jammu and Kashmir, Finance Minister Abdul Rahim Rather, has been accused of power theft.

In an investigation by the J&K power department, a committee found that Rather's son Hilal Ahmad was flouting norms at his multi-storey commercial complex in Jammu.

Ahmad runs a call centre and manages the Simula Global Group of companies from the complex. Documents show that at least 10 1.5 tonne ACs, over 100 computers and 150 CFLs are being used at flat rate of 5 kilowatts.

However, the actual power usage is 95 kilowatts. Hilal is also accused of not obtaining a proper permit from the power department and there was no meter at the building.

However, Ahmad blamed his political opponents for maligning him. "There is no wrongdoing on my part. I have a metre installed. We are being maligned because we belong to a political family. I am willing to meet face to face with power dept officials," he said.

Surprisingly, a 250 KVA transformer is also installed in the premises of Simula Software, but till the inspection team arrived there, no one in the power department ever detected the 'power theft'.