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Dec 22, 2006 at 09:29pm IST

Jordan's sons hooked to the hoop too

New Delhi: The Jordan shirt is set to return to court. Meet Jeff and Marcus Jordan, playing for the Loyola Academy Ramblers.

For Jeff and Marcus, basketball is more than just a game. And yes, being the sons of the greatest basketball player of all time can be a challenge, but there are positives too.

Jeff Jordan says, "Yeah, it's always tough. There's always the pressure of being his son. But over the years, I've kind of gotten used to it and been able to look past it."

And the two lanky boys seem to have formed quite a partnership. That of course comes with knowing each other's games very well.

Marcus Jordan says, "We definitely play off each other a little bit because we know what each other will do and won't do. So if he gives me the head nod, you know it's the ally-oop. We have little signs we do. Yeah, it's just great playing off him."

And for them it's like having a coach at home as well, someone whom they can learn a lot from.

"We go over films and we watch NBA games and just analyse point guards. Just mental stuff and then he'll give me some drills and some stuff to do and I'll go out there and do them on my own," Jeff Jordan adds.

It probably won't be long before these two will be calling the shots in the big leagues.