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Dec 20, 2012 at 08:08am IST

Judicial system failed me, says another rape victim's mother

New Delhi: As the 23-year-old victim - a paramedical student from Dehradun - of Delhi's bus gangrape case continued to fight for her life, CNN-IBN spoke to the mother of another rape victim who told how the judicial system failed her following the rape of her 17-year-old daughter.

Here is an except of the interview:

Rajdeep Sardesai: Tell us what were the troubles you went through to get the conviction?

Mother of rape victim: My daughter wanted to die. She asked me to throw acid on her and end her life. I said if you die, I will die too and my other daughter would've followed. She lived only for my sake. I worked for four years to get the conviction. I put in all the money, gold and everything into this. I just wanted justice for my daughter. I was unlucky and justice was not done.

Rajdeep Sardesai: Did you get any help from the system?

Mother of rape victim: In the beginning, police helped a lot. I thank them. They caught the accused in a very short span of time. Doctors were helpful; they said they were with us. Later, I don't know if the accused approached them or what happened. I know that the evidence was tampered with. I saw the medical report on my first day in court. I'm educated and I saw the MLC. When I saw it, I said to myself that the things that I can see here why are they not in the reports?

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