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Dec 06, 2011 at 09:58am IST

Justice eludes girl who died in Gadkari's house

New Delhi: There seems to be no justice for 7-year old Yogita Thakre who was found dead in the boot of a car and that too in the compound of BJP president Nitin Gadkari's Nagpur house.

This happened two and a half years ago and the family alleges that she was murdered and that the police is trying to hush up the case.

How did 7-year-old Yogita Thakre die? It's a question her family has been asking for over two and a half years now. Yogita's mother Vimal, a domestic help is convinced she was murdered and did not die accidentally as investigating agencies say.

Vimal Thakre, Yogita's mother, "Blood was coming from her mouth. There were fresh wounds all over her body."

On May 19, 2009, Yogita was found dead in the boot of a car in the compund of BJP President Nitin Gadkari's home in Nagpur.

The police first registered a case of accidental death, but later a case of murder. The post mortem report, a copy of which is with CNN IBN, showed 'smothering' as the cause of death. The post mortem also shows several abrasions and wounds on Yogita's body. In May 2010, the state CID took over the case after Yogita's father filed a PIL but the CID's closure report in December 2010 called Yogita's death accidental.

Kiran Thakre, Yogita's sister, "When we met CBI officials, we thought something will happen. But even they did not do anything."

Activists have accused the police of a cover up claiming that the car she was found in was changed on records.

Jammu Anand, an activist, says, "The police have tried to goof up their own investigation by saying that in the post-mortem it was wrongly mentioned that she was found in the Honda CRV but was found in another car."

Kishore Ingle, a neighbour of the Thakre's, says he's even been threatened.

Both the city police and the state CID have refused to comment on the case as the closure report is in court but with not a single suspect in the case two and half years since the incident. The question is being asked, is it a failure in investigations or an intentional cover up?

Yogita's family's hopes are now pinned on the court which will deliver its verdict on the CID closure report on December 21.

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