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Apr 23, 2013 at 12:32pm IST

Justice JS Verma: The mentor to the news television media

As the fight for justice continues, the man who helped bring about the anti-rape law, Justice JS Verma passed away on Monday evening after suffering from a multiple organ failure. He was one of India's most respected jurists and played guide and mentor to the news television media for nearly five years.

"Failure of good governance is the reason for the current situation, not lack of legislation." This is what Justice Verma had said while presenting the report of his committee tasked to suggest ways to strengthen laws on crimes against women, post the horrific Delhi gangrape in December 2012. It was a report widely appreciated for carrying over 600 pages of perspective.

It was, yet another example in a string of sterling contributions in 1994. Justice Verma's judgment on Ayodhya was considered as a landmark; as was his scathing report on the Gujarat 2002 riots as the chairman of the National Human rights commission.

Since October 2008, Justice Verma headed the News Broadcasting Standards Authority, playing an immensely fair and stern ombudsman, besides a guide and lighthouse for television news.

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