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Feb 23, 2013 at 03:12pm IST

Juveniles, if they know what they are doing, should be punished: Justice Usha Mehra

New Delhi: Justice Usha Mehra, who submitted a report on the police response during and after the Delhi gangrape incident, has said that the juvenile accused in similar cases, "if they know what they are doing, should be punished". Speaking to CNN-IBN, Justice Mehra also advocated death penalty for the rarest of rare rape cases.

Justice Mehra also slammed the Delhi Police for lax security measures and poor co-ordination with the traffic police. "We found this bus taking school children for months without license but the transport department didn't do anything and the police didn't inform them about challans," she said, adding that the Delhi Police wasn't sensitive at all.

"We found a day after the incident that another girl was molested in a bus but police didn't do anything. This is how sensitive they are," she said in her scathing attack.

Justice Mehra, however, added that the police had reached on time when the Delhi braveheart's friend had called them. "The police reached on time. Her friend also said that. We have all evidence to prove it."

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